Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Whimpy labradors

Can you believe out of all our dogs that Louie, Charlie, Bob and Jack were a little over awed by the arrival of Fern in the van. Bobby was a little flummoxed but just looked at Fern, looked at the van and decided all was fine! It does go to show that whilst our dogs learn to feel comfortable with people they know they may not be quite so trusting when faced with someone new in a familiar situation.

Is it a bad thing? Not necessarily as at least it means they are less likely to go off with someone But it can also mean they become more and more introverted if you don't recognise their fear which can then lead to your guys reacting badly when put under pressure. I was surprised out of all of them it was the labs who reacted. Charlielab by far was the worst and although he jumped in he jumped in as he thought he best. Ah Charlie you aren't gonna get wrong for being a bit frightened!

Then you have Montana, now Montana has always been a bit unsure so we expected to have a few huffs and worried looks oh no non of that she instantly decided Fern was absolutely fine and was happy to share her walk with her.

Funny things dogs aren't they?!

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