Thursday, 1 July 2010

Tired out

Sky wasn't his usual self today, didn't seem poorly just tired. We headed off to his local walk when he wasn't interested in the van, no point taking him if he didn't want to. On the way he was a lot more wobbly than normal so we took out time let him sniff giving the other guys to do the same which is a treat for them as once on lead they aren't allowed to stop to toilet at every post and sniff.

Once at the field he just toiletted and headed for home, needless to say the guys were not impressed by this and looked aghast at the suggestion that it was time to head back! Once back Sky headed back up to bed so much to the guys amazement I brought them back out adn took them for an that did cheer them up.

I have to admit they seemed a bit more comfortable today compared to the last few hot days and they wanted to make up for it by running and running. The walk previous to this we had played frisbee and by the time they came back they had those daft grins, panting and totally spent.

After popping the lads intothe van I checked on Sky he was happy as larry on his large kingsize bed. Once I had spoken with Debbie it was obvious he was just tried after enjoying a lovely run and play last night. I find with old guys its about keeping them happy and moving so if he wanted to go back to bed after a short walk thats fine by me.

Do you think he looks comfortable?

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