Monday, 12 July 2010


Check out that sit stay!
Bruce my name is Tiny not Flipper!
We ate lunch and they preened, the little one on the right fell off everytime he stretched
Ruins at Simione
A strange sight white signets
Sunset on Lake Garda
Mmmm Ice cream and Frozen yoghurt
Robbie and Betty
A storm is a brewing
Makes the average hanging basket look a little wimpy
Watch out ducks
Betty on the right enjoying some attention from Robbie the smaller grumpy male

Couldn't resist peeking

Ah did I blub when I saw Betty the dolphin!

She is so big now and such a big lass you can tell she has been a breeding dolphin now it's like she has been there and done it and won't stand for any nonsense. Meeting two of her daughters was a complete joy, Now who is 9 and Mia her youngest at just 18mnth, Dolphins will often stay with their mums 2yrs.

Lake Garda was beautiful and certainly the trip out there was highly entertaining if not a little stressful. Out of date passports, missing boarding pass, leaving doors open and many other little incidents all added to the fun. I believe those cardplayers in the sky had a laugh when they decided our holiday car would be a transit and then put Peter ( the dolphins owner) in charge of driving. I can only liken it with fast and furious dodgems. Very keen to use the accelerator and not so keen on the clutch I vowed to NEVER let him drive my trannies, I kept expecting the gearbox to drop clean out of the van!

It is a funny thing when you are on holiday with two older blokes, everytime we headed towards shops they were magically closed for siesta, the market closed before we had a good look around and the restaurants we went to had tvs with the world cup on, clever!

That said I couldn't have had better company and once the passport was sorted I was then happy to be surrounded by three more woman so the men had to step in line....

I would definately recommend Lake Garda.

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