Monday, 26 July 2010


Guinness is a black lab, friend of Bobajob and is being Petnanny'd for his owners wedding. His mum and dad came so he could refresh some of his friendships and he had a great time although he was somewhat bemused. Like many men he did perk up on the second walk as the ratio of girls to boys was much more favourable.

It was interesting to see how our guys acted around him, most tried to play gently and when that initially didn't work they went about their usual business. On the girlie walk he was alot more forward even to the point of being told to watch his nose manners!

Walking with new people did make me realise my ridiculous nicknames for the guys: Jasper Bloody beagle we all know, Jockey for Lola as she used to constantly ride the other dogs, milliedoodle just gets doodley and Mila gets Nice But Dim urm pretty much cos she is! Then there is Tallulah who has too many nicknames already Loolly being favourite. My current favourite is Testicles...Louie s name and he actually comes back to it and take it from me it is very appropriate.

Don't know quite what they thought of that....ah well welcome to Petnanny world

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