Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Finger's crossed

I need the power of positive thought guys! Are you psyched and ready to go? Right I am desperately hoping that Lotti the super sexy Ibizan hound who has had her wicked way with Sebson sebywebywoo will be giving birth to enough puppies that I can have one.

Now I know many of you are still uneducated to the delightful ways of skinny dogs and I will continue to educate you....I mean some of you still think Labradors are attractive sheesh( hehe). I do know that the majority of you would probably run a mile at the mere thought of belonging to a beagle so there is progress ( I am going to have to emigrate after this post aren't I haha).

So here we are....you tell me these dogs aren't attractive, I dare you( yes even you Mrs Dog Snob anyway you should like them cos they are purebred).
Mammy Lotti....ooooohhhh

Daddy Seb
Take it from me skinny is the way to go! By all means practise on other breeds.

Right now that I have alienated pretty much everyone, joking aside variety makes the world go round and I love my skinny dogs and hope in many ways they don't become too popular and succumb to many of the problems popular dogs end up having.

Ooh I am so excited Lotti is whelping! So far four boys and two girls all healthy so far, good luck Liz and Lotti.


  1. Has she had enough yet?!!!!

  2. No news and I am starting to worry! I do hope Lotti and her brood are ok.