Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Don't you just love walking through the woods, with the birds tweeting in the trees, kids running around gathering twigs and learning to 'survive' in the wild( urm how bizarre! A gentleman had a group of kids learning how to survive in the wild in our local woods.), the guys running, rolling and playing without a care in the world. We were chatting away without a care. I was pleased we had passed the kids in the wood with calm dogs, stopping only so they could pet some of them.

When we spotted a guy walking up the bank on the single track we called the guys in again asking him to give us time to clip them on. It was then that the Eejit decided we had no right to speak to him and ask him to do anything at all. He stormed right into the dogs mouthing off the whole time so I just said to him that I appreciated his patience and went to continue on praising the gang for being so good.

Well apparently it wasn't finished there he turned back around and let fly with his attitude stepping close to Sam so I warned him it unadvisable to shout aggressively near the dogs and not to go close to the white German Shepherd( it was Montanna and she would have fainted!). Threatening to break our dogs jaws is not going to endear him to us so we unleashed our secret weapon( we didn't, at the time, know she was our secret weapon!)....Cait with Tallulah. Now Cait has lead a wonderful full life and a stroopy petulant bloke in an anorak isn't gonna scare off her so she let fly. I believe I learnt a few words, heard a few I had almost forgotten and some mention was made of delicate parts of his body and he promptly power walked off with the dogs and Sam looking agog. Such clever dogs we have.

I couldn't help it I laughed, I laughed at Sam's expression, laughed at this furious, indignant mouse of a woman and laughed at the dogs reaction. Not one was concerned and wore a similar amazed look that Sam was wearing. Who would have thought that standing off a track with quietly well behaved dogs would cause such offence?!

So Eejits beware we have had training from the best maybe that is what the kids should have been learning...how to survive ignorance, bad manners and aggression! Go Cait!

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