Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Doris, Stan and Elsie

Truffle in front with Suzy then Elsie behind with white blaze and Stan beside her

Meet Doris the pug who is starting gentle bootcamp, Stan and Elsie who are out with us for training and the usually fun.

Doris is a 9yr fat pug, Stan a 3yr old staff and Elsie a 3yr staff. All are lovely with completely different needs, they started on Tues and it has been interesting getting to know them. I was very surprised to see Doris, this morning, greeting me like a long lost friend after starting her exercise regime. I thought she would be hiding under bed covers!

Elsie is a reactive staffie so we will have to teach her to respond appropriately to excitement as we have done many times before. Stan is far steadier and tend to just go with the flow. I will be walking the two staffs seperately so they can make their own friends and learn without falling into their normal routine with each other.

So wish the new guys luck and I wonder what Doris will look like in a months time.

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