Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Bailey Malcolm 21/10/98-29/6/10

None of you will know Bailey, we barely knew him ourselves. Bailey was a funny little yorkie who lived with his family and two cats Elsa and Tilly. We have looke after the two girls for years whilst Bailey joined the family on their holidays usually down to Cornwall. The odd times we saw him he was always quick to say hi whilst we discussed any changes to the girls routines and needs.

Here is a some thoughts on Bailey after he died quite suddenly.

'When we got Bailey he was just a couple of months old from a family he didn't quite fit in with. He was kept in a little cage so he didn't chase and scare the cats and when we met him for the first tme it was very clear he had a lot of love and affection to give. A home with us would be the start of a new life for him.

The household calm of our cat Elsa was shattered on his arrival bu he was soon put right as to what he could and coudln't get away with( as far as the cats were concerned) and order was restored.

And the rest as they say was history, his and ours. It is funny how over the years all of your pets ways, like snad dislikes you take part in as part of life's daily routines just as you would the rest of the family. Until for whatever reason they are not there anymore. Final, end of. A day yo uknow will come but a day you rarely expect, foresee, or are prepared for. You have to look for the positives when something like this happens or were it to happen relatively quickly. The biggest thing was that we were all there with him at the end to say our goodbyes and as ill as he was he know we were there too, something I wish ever pet owner could have.

When we got back home the feeling of loss of presence, Bailey was only a little dog not demanding of attention but always there by our side. Watching telly, in the kitchen for leftovers, in his bed at night at the bottom of our bed. For us personally we had to bring him home and we foudn great comfort in physically laying him to rest in a quiet part of our garden.

Gone but not gine, a near intangible reminder to go with our memories of him.

Bailey a much loved and missed little dog.'

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