Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Are you a dog snob?

Are you a dog snob? I had to laugh yesterday when one of our customers was huffing and puffing about crossbreds or as they call them 'snides'!

They only believed you should get the original dogs and insisted pedigrees are best....what are pedigrees? Like all dogs they were a combination of dogs chosen for certain traits that were valued...so why can't you value a dog with attributes you enjoy in a cross bred? I couldn't look at a dog and think it was automatically better because it was a pure bred or half bred, I have found half bred people are just as snobby about mongrels!

Just like finding out so many of our customers are scared of dogs I am amazed that there are friends who are dog snobs, haha that I guess is what makes the world so intriguing.

Just so you know when I get my pointy nosed pure bred I wont look down at my other pointy nosed mongrels cos they are my guys and I just love 'em.

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