Tuesday, 13 July 2010

And while I am on it

As most of you will now know I have been on holiday and whilst there visited the dolphins. Now I know, like many, that some of my customers have reservations when it comes to sealions and dolphins being in captivity, in fact most 'zoo' animals. I completely understand your reservations but how far do you go? Did you know that Peta would have us all give up our pets as they consider it cruel?

Most zoos try hard to provide enrichment and as these animals are afterall very valuable they do all they can to care for them best they can with the environmet they have. Can you honestly say all the dogs, cats, exotics, birds and horses are cared for in the same way? Dogs that are kept singularly, left for long hours with insufficient exercise, horses locked up in stables without a basic diet that suits their specialised gut?

The dolphins I know are all but one captive bred, they are breeding dolphins which goes someway to show their environment suits them. The care that is given is all consuming and who can say they give their dogs/ horses five hours of entertainment and attention?

In an ideal world they would be free to enjoy the environment they were evolved to live in if we weren't trashing every part of available space so for now I am happy to enjoy my time the dolphins I know and to do my bit by donating money to save their wild cousins and their environment.....we need it too.

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