Friday, 30 July 2010

A blast from the pest: an old friend

Now be prepared for cute overload:

Here is the beautiful Niamh with Charlie NumbNuts.

I don't know who looks prouder Matt( dad) or Charlie!

Would you like?

Montanna's mum booked a place for a visiting dog called Benji to join us for the day, Benji is Montanna's little play mate.

I thought it might be a neat idea to offer a 'Invite a friend to school pass' for anyone of my customers to invite one of their dogs friends along to join in with Petnanny fun. Obviously there will be a basic requirement they need to pass and to be fully vaccinated.

This will be available throughout the year only when there is room to do so and will in no way will affect our regulars from booking in extra days.

I have recently expelled an owner which is upsetting as we loved the dog and had had him for a longtime unfortunately the situation had become unworkable. I would like to thank all my customers for their good behaviour and long may this last haha.

We are also planning a get together in August, hopefully for us to meet up, have a bar meal and a drink( soft drinks please if you are driving) with a lovely walk with the guys. The aim is for us to meet at The Shepherd and Shepherdess as they have a great carparking area, good for the guys and good grub. I hope you will be able to join us.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Ibizan Hound( Beezer)

The Ibizan Hound (Kindly thieved from Snowlief Ibizan Hounds)

This is one of the ancient breeds of dog. It is thought that the Ibizan Hound dates back to the Phoenicians. It is believed that they were used for hunting by the Pharaohs. The dog is featured in hieroglyphics, statues and are depicted in papyrus, tablets and on pyramid walls.
This breed is said to have been used to hunt by the pharaohs of Egypt. Sculptures and paintings from ancient Egyptian tombs around 3000 B.C. depict a dog bearing a striking resemblance to the Ibizan hound. This was discovered in 1922, when the tomb of Tutankhamen was excavated.
During the 8th century the Phoenicians did much travelling and trading throughout the Mediterranean and it is believed that took the hounds with them to the Balearic Islands. The dogs are seen on all the Balearic Islands but most prolifically in Ibiza hence the name – the Ibizan Hound or Podenco Ibicenco in Spanish.
The breed is now common on the Spanish peninsula where variations upon the original breed have resulted in the Andalucian Hound (Podenco Andaluz), Manchego Hound (Podenco Manchego) and Maneto/Podenco Enano (a miniature version of the breed).They are a very versatile breed, being used to hunt, point and retrieve. Ibizan Hounds will retrieve game live to hand, and are quite "soft mouthed" not unlike some gundogs, yet their lips fit very tightly over the teeth, hard to believe with such sharp muzzles they can have such soft mouths.
The first thing that most people notice about the Ibizan Hound is its pink nose, the second thing being its large mobile ears. They have the most amazing amber eyes and are very expressive. Their movement is unlike that of any other hound. They have a far-reaching stride, and a slight "hover" before placing their front paws on the ground, a suspended trot is the best way to describe the movement. If one has ever seen the beautiful Lipizzaner horses, the Ibizan Hound can mimic every movement perfectly. And it is breathtaking to watch these hounds work. They are a very affectionate breed, and are mortified when shouted at; the look in their eyes make you wish you could take it all back. A most wonderful loyal breed, they have an affinity with children and love to join in whatever game is going, even to climbing trees! A long-lived breed, seventeen years-plus has been recorded and here in the UK we have no incidents of hereditary disease or defect, of this we are extremely proud. They have never been one of the more popular sighthound breeds in the UK and have been loved and cherished by a small group of owners over the last 50 years or so. The Ibizan Hound does make a good pet, but it is not a breed for the fainthearted, they can be fairly vocal, and adore company, they take a long time to mature, not so much physically as mentally, but if you want a hound that has remained unchanged for thousands of years,and if you can give buckets of affection back, and don't mind sharing this is definitely a breed to consider.


An Beezer pup that hasn't quite grown into its ears!


Ibizans are renowned for their jumping and hunting skills Here is Naboo hunting field mice!


Another hunting!


They also excel at Lure Coursing

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Old guys update

I thought I'd show some photos of the old guys having fun. Buck is doing fantastic since being on his magic tablets and Shy's kidneys have improved with his change of meds.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Benji looking a little funny!


Don't you just love walking through the woods, with the birds tweeting in the trees, kids running around gathering twigs and learning to 'survive' in the wild( urm how bizarre! A gentleman had a group of kids learning how to survive in the wild in our local woods.), the guys running, rolling and playing without a care in the world. We were chatting away without a care. I was pleased we had passed the kids in the wood with calm dogs, stopping only so they could pet some of them.

When we spotted a guy walking up the bank on the single track we called the guys in again asking him to give us time to clip them on. It was then that the Eejit decided we had no right to speak to him and ask him to do anything at all. He stormed right into the dogs mouthing off the whole time so I just said to him that I appreciated his patience and went to continue on praising the gang for being so good.

Well apparently it wasn't finished there he turned back around and let fly with his attitude stepping close to Sam so I warned him it unadvisable to shout aggressively near the dogs and not to go close to the white German Shepherd( it was Montanna and she would have fainted!). Threatening to break our dogs jaws is not going to endear him to us so we unleashed our secret weapon( we didn't, at the time, know she was our secret weapon!)....Cait with Tallulah. Now Cait has lead a wonderful full life and a stroopy petulant bloke in an anorak isn't gonna scare off her so she let fly. I believe I learnt a few words, heard a few I had almost forgotten and some mention was made of delicate parts of his body and he promptly power walked off with the dogs and Sam looking agog. Such clever dogs we have.

I couldn't help it I laughed, I laughed at Sam's expression, laughed at this furious, indignant mouse of a woman and laughed at the dogs reaction. Not one was concerned and wore a similar amazed look that Sam was wearing. Who would have thought that standing off a track with quietly well behaved dogs would cause such offence?!

So Eejits beware we have had training from the best maybe that is what the kids should have been to survive ignorance, bad manners and aggression! Go Cait!

Finger's crossed

I need the power of positive thought guys! Are you psyched and ready to go? Right I am desperately hoping that Lotti the super sexy Ibizan hound who has had her wicked way with Sebson sebywebywoo will be giving birth to enough puppies that I can have one.

Now I know many of you are still uneducated to the delightful ways of skinny dogs and I will continue to educate you....I mean some of you still think Labradors are attractive sheesh( hehe). I do know that the majority of you would probably run a mile at the mere thought of belonging to a beagle so there is progress ( I am going to have to emigrate after this post aren't I haha).

So here we tell me these dogs aren't attractive, I dare you( yes even you Mrs Dog Snob anyway you should like them cos they are purebred).
Mammy Lotti....ooooohhhh

Daddy Seb
Take it from me skinny is the way to go! By all means practise on other breeds.

Right now that I have alienated pretty much everyone, joking aside variety makes the world go round and I love my skinny dogs and hope in many ways they don't become too popular and succumb to many of the problems popular dogs end up having.

Ooh I am so excited Lotti is whelping! So far four boys and two girls all healthy so far, good luck Liz and Lotti.

Monday, 26 July 2010


Guinness is a black lab, friend of Bobajob and is being Petnanny'd for his owners wedding. His mum and dad came so he could refresh some of his friendships and he had a great time although he was somewhat bemused. Like many men he did perk up on the second walk as the ratio of girls to boys was much more favourable.

It was interesting to see how our guys acted around him, most tried to play gently and when that initially didn't work they went about their usual business. On the girlie walk he was alot more forward even to the point of being told to watch his nose manners!

Walking with new people did make me realise my ridiculous nicknames for the guys: Jasper Bloody beagle we all know, Jockey for Lola as she used to constantly ride the other dogs, milliedoodle just gets doodley and Mila gets Nice But Dim urm pretty much cos she is! Then there is Tallulah who has too many nicknames already Loolly being favourite. My current favourite is Testicles...Louie s name and he actually comes back to it and take it from me it is very appropriate.

Don't know quite what they thought of that....ah well welcome to Petnanny world

The start of Benji

I know it looks odd, bare with me!

Montanna adjusted

I noticed on the last photo that Montannas eye was slightly out of line( yeh for posting photos) so this is the adjusted picture.

Friday, 23 July 2010

She has ears

Her ears are not finishe dbut there all the same!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Bailey Malcolm 21/10/98-29/6/10

None of you will know Bailey, we barely knew him ourselves. Bailey was a funny little yorkie who lived with his family and two cats Elsa and Tilly. We have looke after the two girls for years whilst Bailey joined the family on their holidays usually down to Cornwall. The odd times we saw him he was always quick to say hi whilst we discussed any changes to the girls routines and needs.

Here is a some thoughts on Bailey after he died quite suddenly.

'When we got Bailey he was just a couple of months old from a family he didn't quite fit in with. He was kept in a little cage so he didn't chase and scare the cats and when we met him for the first tme it was very clear he had a lot of love and affection to give. A home with us would be the start of a new life for him.

The household calm of our cat Elsa was shattered on his arrival bu he was soon put right as to what he could and coudln't get away with( as far as the cats were concerned) and order was restored.

And the rest as they say was history, his and ours. It is funny how over the years all of your pets ways, like snad dislikes you take part in as part of life's daily routines just as you would the rest of the family. Until for whatever reason they are not there anymore. Final, end of. A day yo uknow will come but a day you rarely expect, foresee, or are prepared for. You have to look for the positives when something like this happens or were it to happen relatively quickly. The biggest thing was that we were all there with him at the end to say our goodbyes and as ill as he was he know we were there too, something I wish ever pet owner could have.

When we got back home the feeling of loss of presence, Bailey was only a little dog not demanding of attention but always there by our side. Watching telly, in the kitchen for leftovers, in his bed at night at the bottom of our bed. For us personally we had to bring him home and we foudn great comfort in physically laying him to rest in a quiet part of our garden.

Gone but not gine, a near intangible reminder to go with our memories of him.

Bailey a much loved and missed little dog.'

Whimpy labradors

Can you believe out of all our dogs that Louie, Charlie, Bob and Jack were a little over awed by the arrival of Fern in the van. Bobby was a little flummoxed but just looked at Fern, looked at the van and decided all was fine! It does go to show that whilst our dogs learn to feel comfortable with people they know they may not be quite so trusting when faced with someone new in a familiar situation.

Is it a bad thing? Not necessarily as at least it means they are less likely to go off with someone But it can also mean they become more and more introverted if you don't recognise their fear which can then lead to your guys reacting badly when put under pressure. I was surprised out of all of them it was the labs who reacted. Charlielab by far was the worst and although he jumped in he jumped in as he thought he best. Ah Charlie you aren't gonna get wrong for being a bit frightened!

Then you have Montana, now Montana has always been a bit unsure so we expected to have a few huffs and worried looks oh no non of that she instantly decided Fern was absolutely fine and was happy to share her walk with her.

Funny things dogs aren't they?!

Doris, Stan and Elsie

Truffle in front with Suzy then Elsie behind with white blaze and Stan beside her

Meet Doris the pug who is starting gentle bootcamp, Stan and Elsie who are out with us for training and the usually fun.

Doris is a 9yr fat pug, Stan a 3yr old staff and Elsie a 3yr staff. All are lovely with completely different needs, they started on Tues and it has been interesting getting to know them. I was very surprised to see Doris, this morning, greeting me like a long lost friend after starting her exercise regime. I thought she would be hiding under bed covers!

Elsie is a reactive staffie so we will have to teach her to respond appropriately to excitement as we have done many times before. Stan is far steadier and tend to just go with the flow. I will be walking the two staffs seperately so they can make their own friends and learn without falling into their normal routine with each other.

So wish the new guys luck and I wonder what Doris will look like in a months time.

Monday, 19 July 2010

An update on the Montana portrait, ignore the nose it needs filling in properly and still work to do on her left eye. Happy smile!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Montana portrait update

Boy oh boy am I pleased I managed to get to the girls in between showers! So tonight instead of riding I have been drawing a little longer.

The update isn't the most exciting you may have ever seen, once I darken down the edges at least you will be able to see a little more clearly. I am enjoying drawing a white dog and of course when you know them it is a little more special. When I saw she is a white dog she is actually cream, white, pink and grey.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Updated photos and vids

And while I am on it

As most of you will now know I have been on holiday and whilst there visited the dolphins. Now I know, like many, that some of my customers have reservations when it comes to sealions and dolphins being in captivity, in fact most 'zoo' animals. I completely understand your reservations but how far do you go? Did you know that Peta would have us all give up our pets as they consider it cruel?

Most zoos try hard to provide enrichment and as these animals are afterall very valuable they do all they can to care for them best they can with the environmet they have. Can you honestly say all the dogs, cats, exotics, birds and horses are cared for in the same way? Dogs that are kept singularly, left for long hours with insufficient exercise, horses locked up in stables without a basic diet that suits their specialised gut?

The dolphins I know are all but one captive bred, they are breeding dolphins which goes someway to show their environment suits them. The care that is given is all consuming and who can say they give their dogs/ horses five hours of entertainment and attention?

In an ideal world they would be free to enjoy the environment they were evolved to live in if we weren't trashing every part of available space so for now I am happy to enjoy my time the dolphins I know and to do my bit by donating money to save their wild cousins and their environment.....we need it too.

Are you a dog snob?

Are you a dog snob? I had to laugh yesterday when one of our customers was huffing and puffing about crossbreds or as they call them 'snides'!

They only believed you should get the original dogs and insisted pedigrees are best....what are pedigrees? Like all dogs they were a combination of dogs chosen for certain traits that were why can't you value a dog with attributes you enjoy in a cross bred? I couldn't look at a dog and think it was automatically better because it was a pure bred or half bred, I have found half bred people are just as snobby about mongrels!

Just like finding out so many of our customers are scared of dogs I am amazed that there are friends who are dog snobs, haha that I guess is what makes the world so intriguing.

Just so you know when I get my pointy nosed pure bred I wont look down at my other pointy nosed mongrels cos they are my guys and I just love 'em.

Montana portrait

I have just started one of Montana's Portraits.

Not much to see bare with me!

Monday, 12 July 2010


Check out that sit stay!
Bruce my name is Tiny not Flipper!
We ate lunch and they preened, the little one on the right fell off everytime he stretched
Ruins at Simione
A strange sight white signets
Sunset on Lake Garda
Mmmm Ice cream and Frozen yoghurt
Robbie and Betty
A storm is a brewing
Makes the average hanging basket look a little wimpy
Watch out ducks
Betty on the right enjoying some attention from Robbie the smaller grumpy male

Couldn't resist peeking

Ah did I blub when I saw Betty the dolphin!

She is so big now and such a big lass you can tell she has been a breeding dolphin now it's like she has been there and done it and won't stand for any nonsense. Meeting two of her daughters was a complete joy, Now who is 9 and Mia her youngest at just 18mnth, Dolphins will often stay with their mums 2yrs.

Lake Garda was beautiful and certainly the trip out there was highly entertaining if not a little stressful. Out of date passports, missing boarding pass, leaving doors open and many other little incidents all added to the fun. I believe those cardplayers in the sky had a laugh when they decided our holiday car would be a transit and then put Peter ( the dolphins owner) in charge of driving. I can only liken it with fast and furious dodgems. Very keen to use the accelerator and not so keen on the clutch I vowed to NEVER let him drive my trannies, I kept expecting the gearbox to drop clean out of the van!

It is a funny thing when you are on holiday with two older blokes, everytime we headed towards shops they were magically closed for siesta, the market closed before we had a good look around and the restaurants we went to had tvs with the world cup on, clever!

That said I couldn't have had better company and once the passport was sorted I was then happy to be surrounded by three more woman so the men had to step in line....

I would definately recommend Lake Garda.

Poppypuppy has a new brother!

Poppypuppy has a new brother!

Meet Roly Poly the Puggerdale or maybe he could be a Pattepug! His parents are a Pug and a Patterdale so aren't we in for some fun....

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Are we comfortable

On a similar vein to the last blog....Murphy didn't come out with us today so as I was heading out after sitting with him and giving him some company he plonked himself down on the settee and looked set for the rest of the day!

Tired out

Sky wasn't his usual self today, didn't seem poorly just tired. We headed off to his local walk when he wasn't interested in the van, no point taking him if he didn't want to. On the way he was a lot more wobbly than normal so we took out time let him sniff giving the other guys to do the same which is a treat for them as once on lead they aren't allowed to stop to toilet at every post and sniff.

Once at the field he just toiletted and headed for home, needless to say the guys were not impressed by this and looked aghast at the suggestion that it was time to head back! Once back Sky headed back up to bed so much to the guys amazement I brought them back out adn took them for an that did cheer them up.

I have to admit they seemed a bit more comfortable today compared to the last few hot days and they wanted to make up for it by running and running. The walk previous to this we had played frisbee and by the time they came back they had those daft grins, panting and totally spent.

After popping the lads intothe van I checked on Sky he was happy as larry on his large kingsize bed. Once I had spoken with Debbie it was obvious he was just tried after enjoying a lovely run and play last night. I find with old guys its about keeping them happy and moving so if he wanted to go back to bed after a short walk thats fine by me.

Do you think he looks comfortable?