Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Urban Legends and Myths

Urban legends and Myths must have come from somewhere and indeed they do have a warning in there. Yet they are exaggerated to inspire fear.

So what has this got to do with dogs? Well we are all subject to a constant stream of information, sometimes this information is not necessarily to our benefit, especially for the media.

For example we all 'know' pit bulls, staffies etc etc are dangerous dogs that can inflict a huge amount of damage. Yet how many times have you actually had that problem? Even if you have had a problem with this yourself how may other times has it happened with so called 'good' breeds?

I was really suprised to find how many of our own customers are frightened of other dogs, usually not the breed they themselves own. So we have an owner who is scared of staffies/rotties yet her own dog barks and tries to pick on other dogs....nothing has ever happened with a dog of either breeds but she has heard enough times to 'know' they are a problem.

Maybe now is the time to understand the media runs with a good story and finds information that helps to support their view even if they are only very loosely linked. Why don't we take each case and each dog on an individual basis. I have cared for the nicest Rotties in the world and yet also worked with a very unpredictable rottie. I have have major issues with Shih Tzus and yorkies being bitten by them yet would not consider turning them away just because they are a breed I have had probems with.

As humans we have the ability (although not always the sense to use it) to use logic and reasoning in order to work out that one bad apple shouldn't taint your love of apples.

Dogs are dogs, look for their good qualities, learn to spot their weaknesses and act upon warning signs then we can all have much more fun and enjoy our walks so much more.


  1. I know some lovely Staffys but there is one around ours always loose & it once pinned Poppy onto the ground the young (sackless) owner looked on & grinned!. Yesterday that Staffy attacked a westie who lives on our estate, he was badly bitten and almost had his ear torn off. Having seen the owner I am not surprised at how his dog behaves - it is people like that who get certain breeds a bad name - dont get me started! Grrr...

  2. Poppy you are so right in many ways and I had been thinking of posting another blog about breeds so now is the time, thanks.