Monday, 7 June 2010

A quiet walk?

So I head off for a nice walk with Bobajob, Charlielab, Truffle, Izzo and Louie. A nice walk mooching and listening to the birds sing.

Only no one told the people on the field, or the dogs on the field with the people all talking. First came a lovely lurcher, next a couple of yellow now I was trying to smile whilst extracting myself from these hanger oner rers. The two schnauzers had decided it really wasn't worth the effort of trotting over and soon we had managed to leave the slightly unwanted visitors. Watching the lads play amongst themselves with Truffle, the only bitch, organising them all was so funny they went into the long grass hot and dry and came out looking like they been in a washing machine, hair dripping and a look of glee on their faces.

Then a lady came past with two grumpy jack russells whilst our guys sat. Just as we were about to get up and lovely old doddery spaniel tootled by with our lot looking on in mild irritation, bless her she couldn't go any faster! Once we had finished there I hid the ball in the long grass yee gods why have five dogs if yuo have to fetch the ball yourself? So once they had given up and I had found the ball off we set again. Only to be found by a very big horny labrador. So horny it wanted all our guys no matter what.

By now Bobajob was trotting alongside me with Truffle going 'throw the ball, throw the ball' Izzo was tormenting Charlielab who was relieved to be running just so the old chunky lab couldn't mount him. Louie was as usual sniffing the horny labs butt and everything else, seemingly oblivious that he was trying to do more than whisper sweet nothings into Louies ear. What happened to my peaceful walk?

Just as we came to the last corner we met Fizz the Viz who I used to do training walks with, she was pleased to see us all doing her usual flop to the floor and then wiggled happily whilst her sister Rosie pretended to be really tough and warn everyone off the frisbee. Now obviousy I was trying to keep our guys seperate it's just a shame no other dogs felt the same way! Believe it or not the same corner came Kylie a dog I have drawn so she was trying to love hug and squeeze the guys and I half hoped the horny lab would decide a sexy spaniel bitch with a wiggly bum would be a better option than four males and a not interested female!

Erm no so our funny little group came back round to the main field to be met by two happy ball wielding collies and I admitted defeat. There was no chance what so ever of having a quiet walk with just our guys.

What happened to the horny lab? He lives at the farm behind the walk and begrudgingly headed back home when I got the Virkon spray out. Our lot just accepted the mild spray like brave little soldiers and hoped into the van for a nap.

Jammy sods

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