Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Morning run

No of course I didn't mean I go for a morning run! I treat my morning run as an education, you see so much of life driving along having a fleeting glimpse of people going about their daily routines.

Only today took the biscuit. First of all I had avoided the military road as it is currently being resurfaced, so puddling along the A69 when I came to the back of a long queue, in fact a very long queue! Great a traffic jam, I had missed the only slip road that I could have taken off so now it was a case of sitting and waiting. Why is it Chris Evans puts on the weirdest songs and bladders on about bluming football at the worst time possible? I needed entertaining.

Well after watching a magpie mooch around in the hope a three course meal would spring out of the road I decided enough was enough time to make the great escape. Izzy is not known for her jumping skills so I figured I'd have to be a rebel with a need and go up the slip road that was heading back the other way luckily this one particular slip road is both way half way up so me and a number of other desperate drivers drove up and smiled sweetly as we past a speed cop coming the right way down the slip road!

So now on the move with a thumping heart and a tingle in my fingers off all the adrenalin I headed down to Heddon. It was there that I spotted guy who appeared to be struggling to push himself up the slope in his, less then sprightly, wheelchair. He was moving the wheels with his hands then trying to push with his one leg but it was obviously a struggle. Should I stop or would he be offended? With a bus hurtling up behind me I decided I best leave well alone as he may not appreciate a well meaning but enthusiastic woman pushing him up the hill.

As I came round the roundabout I was delighted to be moving only to come across another line of traffic. At least here I can watch the racehorses on morning exercise and watch the kids walking to school. As we crawled along I did wonder if the guy in the wheelchair had managed.

Bah blah blah Chris Evans had even roped Moira in with football talk and I could feel my irritation increasing, at least by now I had reached the traffic lights, once past the traffic lights I had broken the back of my journey. Just as I neared them they turned to red and passing in front of my eyes was the one legged guy in the wheelchair!

What?! Now come on, I had travelled two and a half miles only to be overtaken by a one legged guy in a clapped out wheelchair! Humph a shiny motorised wheelchair I could have just about lived with.

So how was your morning run?

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