Monday, 7 June 2010

More homework sheesh

I know I know I am sooo demanding, some more homework for you!

In the house have an old tray or similar with some of her dog food on and on the bench have some hotdogs in small slices at hand ready. Put her on a lead and place the dog food tray on the floor just out of reach, she MUST NOT get those bits of food.
Stand without talking with her straining on the lead and wait, she will paw, lunge, scream and shout and you just stand.

The SECOND she stops trying to reach the food give her a piece of hotdog making sure you don't relax so much that she pinches food off the tray! Continue to do this until she looks at you rather than food on floor. Then change position or room and do again.
once you can do that reliably let me know and I will give you more. HeHe

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