Monday, 28 June 2010

It not always about the dogs...

I can't help but feel sad today. I knew that Hansom and Lil were moving, moving to a new real that unfortunately I just can't cover, I am so happy they have found the home of their dreams but I am going to miss the guys. The thing is I am also gonna miss their owners you see, whether it is right or wrong, Petnanny was always about a little community, a family of people who do all they can to give their dogs a good life and of course it makes sense there are therefore people who have similar interests.

A side affect of walking, training and caring for Hansom and Lil is the inevitable getting to know the owners. We have tackled problems, worries and good times together.

I want to wish Sharon and her lovely family all the very best for the future but with a heavy heart as I will no longer have a little viewing window into their lives, to know of Archie's achievements or colds, to know when and where they have their holidays and to know with my own eyes how the mad red boxers are.

Thank you for letting me have visiting rights guys I look forward to seeing them play in their new garden and woe betide any dog walker who doesn't look after Hansom and Lil!


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