Monday, 28 June 2010

I do wonder what their walks are like

Maybe I can guess what the dogs see and hear on a walk.

For Louie it's all about the smells, ooh who's pee'd here and if she were possibly the nicest smelling bitch in the world( he is a horny teenager remember) or if it were a dog if it was a butch dog or a bit of a he/she! He starts to play then he can't help but try and see if he is a bit stronger than the other dog or maybe if she will let him try his sex moves out..... People, scenery and noises pass him by not registering at all.

Lola it's all about the rush, the rush she gets from running so fast down the hill she doesn't know if she can stop if if she even wants too. To play, run and roll with her pals, only then she will start to check out what else has been around. She looks for her next hit, her next exhausting round of play, excitement and fun.

Sisko is out for a walk, to see and smell the sights, company and to feel the fresh air on his skin, he doesn't care one jot if there is a dog begging to play that isn't for him.

Molly and Harry share a passion, a passion for bunnies. It satisfies an ancient desire, just as their ancestors before them, yes they love to play, to run with their mates and catch the balls it just doesn't come close to the thrill they get from searching, hunting and if they find one chasing fulfilling so many needs in one simple action. Whilst they long to catch them, it isn't about the eating them or killing them it's about being a dog alive, fit and well.

Me? Well I love to laugh, I get to see dogs doing what dogs should although that sometimes drives me spare. I enjoy the freedom, the views and the knowledge this is my job.

Could be worse!

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