Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Dare I say it?

Actually I don't dare say it out loud, all I can say is It didn't happen. We didn't have a mass outbreak just a contained spluttering, no consolation for those who were left spluttering!

Since Poppy has been off she has grown a spectacular set of legs, you know how I love a long elegant set, maybe because I don't have a pair myself. Tash has also suprised us or rather Sam. We all know Tash the ma'am is a lady, no swearing, spitting or bad behaviour from our Tash. So it came as an immense suprise to see Tash legging it across the grass, ears flat for improved aerodynamics, not caring one jot that she had left a stunned Sam. What had stirred Tash into action? A cat! It did no more than dare to be there.

Needless to say her sense came back to her and Sam at about the same time and with one shout she returned to the little old gal we know so well. As for the cat he is just fine as he had his escape plan ready and didn't even come close to losing one of is lives. The odd thing is unlike Taggart the Impaler Tash stops as soon as the cat stops and is a firm friend of Tumble the dog trainer.

Do you recon Sam will see Tash with new eyes?!

Vinnie in true Whinerarmer style has been whinging and whining and for once he had a reason, he randomly picked up an injury when out with his dad David the socially uninhibited( he won't care what I saw and I certainly couldn't repeat anything he says). He wasn't lame at any other time other than setting off at high speed. The look on his face when we told him to go steady was certainly a picture.

Other than we have been tickety boo and long may it last!

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