Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Worth taking note

After all these years I have been left a note!

Oooh wonder what he did?!

Monday, 28 June 2010

I do wonder what their walks are like

Maybe I can guess what the dogs see and hear on a walk.

For Louie it's all about the smells, ooh who's pee'd here and if she were possibly the nicest smelling bitch in the world( he is a horny teenager remember) or if it were a dog if it was a butch dog or a bit of a he/she! He starts to play then he can't help but try and see if he is a bit stronger than the other dog or maybe if she will let him try his sex moves out..... People, scenery and noises pass him by not registering at all.

Lola it's all about the rush, the rush she gets from running so fast down the hill she doesn't know if she can stop if if she even wants too. To play, run and roll with her pals, only then she will start to check out what else has been around. She looks for her next hit, her next exhausting round of play, excitement and fun.

Sisko is out for a walk, to see and smell the sights, company and to feel the fresh air on his skin, he doesn't care one jot if there is a dog begging to play that isn't for him.

Molly and Harry share a passion, a passion for bunnies. It satisfies an ancient desire, just as their ancestors before them, yes they love to play, to run with their mates and catch the balls it just doesn't come close to the thrill they get from searching, hunting and if they find one chasing fulfilling so many needs in one simple action. Whilst they long to catch them, it isn't about the eating them or killing them it's about being a dog alive, fit and well.

Me? Well I love to laugh, I get to see dogs doing what dogs should although that sometimes drives me spare. I enjoy the freedom, the views and the knowledge this is my job.

Could be worse!

It not always about the dogs...

I can't help but feel sad today. I knew that Hansom and Lil were moving, moving to a new real that unfortunately I just can't cover, I am so happy they have found the home of their dreams but I am going to miss the guys. The thing is I am also gonna miss their owners you see, whether it is right or wrong, Petnanny was always about a little community, a family of people who do all they can to give their dogs a good life and of course it makes sense there are therefore people who have similar interests.

A side affect of walking, training and caring for Hansom and Lil is the inevitable getting to know the owners. We have tackled problems, worries and good times together.

I want to wish Sharon and her lovely family all the very best for the future but with a heavy heart as I will no longer have a little viewing window into their lives, to know of Archie's achievements or colds, to know when and where they have their holidays and to know with my own eyes how the mad red boxers are.

Thank you for letting me have visiting rights guys I look forward to seeing them play in their new garden and woe betide any dog walker who doesn't look after Hansom and Lil!


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A walk at Causey Arch

Oscar being brave and learning to walk across a bridge.

Morning run

No of course I didn't mean I go for a morning run! I treat my morning run as an education, you see so much of life driving along having a fleeting glimpse of people going about their daily routines.

Only today took the biscuit. First of all I had avoided the military road as it is currently being resurfaced, so puddling along the A69 when I came to the back of a long queue, in fact a very long queue! Great a traffic jam, I had missed the only slip road that I could have taken off so now it was a case of sitting and waiting. Why is it Chris Evans puts on the weirdest songs and bladders on about bluming football at the worst time possible? I needed entertaining.

Well after watching a magpie mooch around in the hope a three course meal would spring out of the road I decided enough was enough time to make the great escape. Izzy is not known for her jumping skills so I figured I'd have to be a rebel with a need and go up the slip road that was heading back the other way luckily this one particular slip road is both way half way up so me and a number of other desperate drivers drove up and smiled sweetly as we past a speed cop coming the right way down the slip road!

So now on the move with a thumping heart and a tingle in my fingers off all the adrenalin I headed down to Heddon. It was there that I spotted guy who appeared to be struggling to push himself up the slope in his, less then sprightly, wheelchair. He was moving the wheels with his hands then trying to push with his one leg but it was obviously a struggle. Should I stop or would he be offended? With a bus hurtling up behind me I decided I best leave well alone as he may not appreciate a well meaning but enthusiastic woman pushing him up the hill.

As I came round the roundabout I was delighted to be moving only to come across another line of traffic. At least here I can watch the racehorses on morning exercise and watch the kids walking to school. As we crawled along I did wonder if the guy in the wheelchair had managed.

Bah blah blah Chris Evans had even roped Moira in with football talk and I could feel my irritation increasing, at least by now I had reached the traffic lights, once past the traffic lights I had broken the back of my journey. Just as I neared them they turned to red and passing in front of my eyes was the one legged guy in the wheelchair!

What?! Now come on, I had travelled two and a half miles only to be overtaken by a one legged guy in a clapped out wheelchair! Humph a shiny motorised wheelchair I could have just about lived with.

So how was your morning run?

Monday, 21 June 2010


Little Connie who belongs to Oscar and Hugo has been rushed into hospital with a serious viral infection. Keep your finger's crossed for a fast recovery and that she bounces back like the little toughie that she is.

I know we are a pet care service I defy anyone not to fall in love with our little humans, Olly and Grace ( Harry), Adam ( Sisko), Connie ( Oscar and Hugo), Joshua ( Beau Beau).

At times like this you feel so useless!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

That said

That said I do get very frustrated when people make out something is perfect when it isn't it.

I have noticed that shooting people blame the RSPB for pretty much everything and on the flip side The RSPB blame keepers and shoot managers for killing everything. What neither will admit is both do damage, both are wrong and both are right.

For example( eek I am sure I will go up in a blue flash for saying this) The RSPB blame all keepers for indiscriminately killing birds of prey. Without doubt keepers will manage( another word for killing) birds of prey that prey on their birds be it Grouse, Partridge, Pheasant or Duck just as they do with Magpies, Crows and all manner of predators. Unfortunately the RSPB won't admit that this has been going on for many years to a far greater degree and therefore is intrinsically linked with our countrysides balance. There is proof that Grouse moors also support many other important species as long as they are managed.

Why can't both parties say it as it is and accept that they are coming from different angles yet agree that there is some good to be gained from both parties.

Here I go again what has this got to do with dogs?

I will use Staffies as an example. Staffie lovers will extoll the virtues of Staffies and blame bad owners etc etc that all their staffies are the best dogs in the world. Then we have the Staffie haters, who will site many examples of maulings, dog attacks and how they have a killer bite. You know what, both are right. You get bad staffies despite having great owners, you get fantastic Staffs with bad owners.

When I take on a staffie I always take into account their previous experiences, their basic manners and my instinct with that individual. They are adrenalin junkies and if they have learnt to fight or bicker as a adrenalin kick you have to work extra hard to divert that adrenalin hit onto something more productive and healthy! This can be said with all terriers and guarding breeds.

A different example is the shih tzhus. If I were to take on a little Shih t I would take all the above into account and rather than treat then as adrenalin junkies I find they often lead sheltered, protected and indulged lives. So often toilet training is a little lapse 'after all they are only small and I can put a puppy pad down' and ' he doesn't like to go out in the rain'. Often they will be hand biters frustrated little people because they haven't learnt the word No. Nearly every one has been barky on the lead as people are scared to mix them with larger dogs.

You get the idea so here is a quick rundown on some breeds:

Labradors, you get the steady ones who tend to go with the flow, the manic ones who are libel to thieve, bowl into people, get bitten by other dogs as they have no social skills and if pushed will bite as their puppyish behaviour hasn't resulted in their usual reward. The the sensitive Labs who start of shy then become barky and reactive as they haven't learnt good affective coping strategies.

Westies, can be sweet generally opinionated and barky quite willing to have the odd nip at a dog for many reasons and occassionally out and out tantrums.

Whineramers( Weimerarners to the uninitiated)stressheads and thinkers they work best when tired and physically content, prone to hissy fits if not exercised enough.

German Shepherds can be fantastic in the right hands yet can be a big pain in the butt, often swinging from arrogance to insecurity. Often they have a look of an animal who doesn't know if the should be a pet or guard. Like Staffies they need to learn to enjoy playing for their kicks rather than wanting to pick on animals and people.

These are wildly generalisations at least it gives you an idea.

I love my sighthounds they have lived with all manner of small furries from rats to guinea pigs and currently a mad cat. Of course many can live with small furries yet there are some who definately can't. Despite what many greyhound rescues say( they need very little walking) many greyhounds need a good hard walk, a blast and mental stimulation so why not just say that?

So if you arenan owner of one of the much maligned breeds try your hardest to teach your dog and become a real living ambassador of the breed and for all of us who have been at the receiving end of a 'bad' dog learn what you can about many breeds and learn their weaknesses and traits. Make an informed decision and learn how to read the dogs language. This especially applies when you live near a dodgy dog.

Don't indulge little dogs, they are still dogs that need rules.
If you have a guarding breed teach it it's guarding instincts aren't required.
Teach your adrenalin junky dogs to love a hard ball game or play with a dog rather than fighting.

With a bit of luck I won't hear the saying ' there are no bad dogs just bad owners' anytime soon and I live in hope common sense will prevail.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Check out new photos


Truffle waiting for me to throw the ball as you can see if you look into her eyes


Just to confirm the loony title I have

Here is HellsBells wearing her leotard that my mam made for her to top the flies biting her armpits, boobies and bellybutton.

In true gymnastic style here she is limbering up:

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Just because

What is going on with your face Hugo

Urban Legends and Myths

Urban legends and Myths must have come from somewhere and indeed they do have a warning in there. Yet they are exaggerated to inspire fear.

So what has this got to do with dogs? Well we are all subject to a constant stream of information, sometimes this information is not necessarily to our benefit, especially for the media.

For example we all 'know' pit bulls, staffies etc etc are dangerous dogs that can inflict a huge amount of damage. Yet how many times have you actually had that problem? Even if you have had a problem with this yourself how may other times has it happened with so called 'good' breeds?

I was really suprised to find how many of our own customers are frightened of other dogs, usually not the breed they themselves own. So we have an owner who is scared of staffies/rotties yet her own dog barks and tries to pick on other dogs....nothing has ever happened with a dog of either breeds but she has heard enough times to 'know' they are a problem.

Maybe now is the time to understand the media runs with a good story and finds information that helps to support their view even if they are only very loosely linked. Why don't we take each case and each dog on an individual basis. I have cared for the nicest Rotties in the world and yet also worked with a very unpredictable rottie. I have have major issues with Shih Tzus and yorkies being bitten by them yet would not consider turning them away just because they are a breed I have had probems with.

As humans we have the ability (although not always the sense to use it) to use logic and reasoning in order to work out that one bad apple shouldn't taint your love of apples.

Dogs are dogs, look for their good qualities, learn to spot their weaknesses and act upon warning signs then we can all have much more fun and enjoy our walks so much more.

Dare I say it?

Actually I don't dare say it out loud, all I can say is It didn't happen. We didn't have a mass outbreak just a contained spluttering, no consolation for those who were left spluttering!

Since Poppy has been off she has grown a spectacular set of legs, you know how I love a long elegant set, maybe because I don't have a pair myself. Tash has also suprised us or rather Sam. We all know Tash the ma'am is a lady, no swearing, spitting or bad behaviour from our Tash. So it came as an immense suprise to see Tash legging it across the grass, ears flat for improved aerodynamics, not caring one jot that she had left a stunned Sam. What had stirred Tash into action? A cat! It did no more than dare to be there.

Needless to say her sense came back to her and Sam at about the same time and with one shout she returned to the little old gal we know so well. As for the cat he is just fine as he had his escape plan ready and didn't even come close to losing one of is lives. The odd thing is unlike Taggart the Impaler Tash stops as soon as the cat stops and is a firm friend of Tumble the dog trainer.

Do you recon Sam will see Tash with new eyes?!

Vinnie in true Whinerarmer style has been whinging and whining and for once he had a reason, he randomly picked up an injury when out with his dad David the socially uninhibited( he won't care what I saw and I certainly couldn't repeat anything he says). He wasn't lame at any other time other than setting off at high speed. The look on his face when we told him to go steady was certainly a picture.

Other than we have been tickety boo and long may it last!

Saturday, 12 June 2010


CharlieLabs mum has set up a facebook page for anyone who uses Petnanny so we can talk about our guys and make it easier for Petnanny Mummies and Daddies to interact. Come on and join Facebook!


Thursday, 10 June 2010

Out on a walk

Out on a walk you hear the birds sing, the rabbits are running around and then a shopping trolley!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Bobajob on his holijols

Well Bob stayed with me for a couple of days on his holijols. First of all he is frightened of cats, Tumble simply wouldn't accept that and decided something had to be done so he pretty much shadowed him.

On the way home he went to visit friends, friends who have their own lake so he enjoyed a bit on skinny dipping.

Last thing at night he went for tootles in the back fields at ours with my two boys, he pretty much wondered why they weren't running.

Monday, 7 June 2010

A quiet walk?

So I head off for a nice walk with Bobajob, Charlielab, Truffle, Izzo and Louie. A nice walk mooching and listening to the birds sing.

Only no one told the people on the field, or the dogs on the field with the people all talking. First came a lovely lurcher, next a couple of yellow labs...by now I was trying to smile whilst extracting myself from these hanger oner rers. The two schnauzers had decided it really wasn't worth the effort of trotting over and soon we had managed to leave the slightly unwanted visitors. Watching the lads play amongst themselves with Truffle, the only bitch, organising them all was so funny they went into the long grass hot and dry and came out looking like they been in a washing machine, hair dripping and a look of glee on their faces.

Then a lady came past with two grumpy jack russells whilst our guys sat. Just as we were about to get up and lovely old doddery spaniel tootled by with our lot looking on in mild irritation, bless her she couldn't go any faster! Once we had finished there I hid the ball in the long grass yee gods why have five dogs if yuo have to fetch the ball yourself? So once they had given up and I had found the ball off we set again. Only to be found by a very big horny labrador. So horny it wanted all our guys no matter what.

By now Bobajob was trotting alongside me with Truffle going 'throw the ball, throw the ball' Izzo was tormenting Charlielab who was relieved to be running just so the old chunky lab couldn't mount him. Louie was as usual sniffing the horny labs butt and everything else, seemingly oblivious that he was trying to do more than whisper sweet nothings into Louies ear. What happened to my peaceful walk?

Just as we came to the last corner we met Fizz the Viz who I used to do training walks with, she was pleased to see us all doing her usual flop to the floor and then wiggled happily whilst her sister Rosie pretended to be really tough and warn everyone off the frisbee. Now obviousy I was trying to keep our guys seperate it's just a shame no other dogs felt the same way! Believe it or not the same corner came Kylie a dog I have drawn so she was trying to love hug and squeeze the guys and I half hoped the horny lab would decide a sexy spaniel bitch with a wiggly bum would be a better option than four males and a not interested female!

Erm no so our funny little group came back round to the main field to be met by two happy ball wielding collies and I admitted defeat. There was no chance what so ever of having a quiet walk with just our guys.

What happened to the horny lab? He lives at the farm behind the walk and begrudgingly headed back home when I got the Virkon spray out. Our lot just accepted the mild spray like brave little soldiers and hoped into the van for a nap.

Jammy sods

More homework sheesh

I know I know I am sooo demanding, some more homework for you!

In the house have an old tray or similar with some of her dog food on and on the bench have some hotdogs in small slices at hand ready. Put her on a lead and place the dog food tray on the floor just out of reach, she MUST NOT get those bits of food.
Stand without talking with her straining on the lead and wait, she will paw, lunge, scream and shout and you just stand.

The SECOND she stops trying to reach the food give her a piece of hotdog making sure you don't relax so much that she pinches food off the tray! Continue to do this until she looks at you rather than food on floor. Then change position or room and do again.
once you can do that reliably let me know and I will give you more. HeHe

Fox Dog

Need I say more?