Monday, 17 May 2010


Well Lily is in the garage getting some repairs done, a mot and service. Eek! So Sam has Izzy and I am using Trooper. For some reason I have laughed everytime I looked in the mirror and saw three interested faces looking back at me...Poppy, Truffle and Bobby all with their car harnesses on sitting on the back seats. I am impressed at how well they sat on the way to their walk at Skys.

Further back were the four muskateers, Lola, Tallulah, Oscar and Hugo in the back lintran travel box who were enjoying the view from the back. Despite being a little unsettled in the new vehicle it does them good to have a change, I don't like having only a car to transport the guys in I prefer the safety of the van. At least with their harnesses and the cage they were safe!

I have also enjoyed the change it does get a little tedious doing the pick ups so I enjoyed taking two of the dogs to the little big girls and wlaking along his land, he has a beautiful stream that winds through his land so we had a long leisurely saunter whilst looking for the local wildlife. The next walk was at Skys and it did seem a little strange to walk through an industrial estate to take the guys for a walk. The field and woods were a nice little adventure and I know the dogs enjoyed it too although I had to be doubly careful with Sky as he tends to go on autopilot when he's on his 'own' walk, this isn't at all helpful when he is senile and more than a little deaf.

So whilst Lily is having a bit of work done I will savior the change of routine.

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