Thursday, 27 May 2010

Poppys magic touch

Tessa is looking on
Poppy makes a decision
Tessa says hi to Poppy then goes to move on
Poppy continues to say hiya
Tessa walks along tail up rubbing up against an enthusiastic but polite Poppy
Poppy starts being silly, wiggling, walking and bumping Tessa
Tessas tail starts to wiggle just as her legs start to buckle
Before you know it you can only see a mass of brown and black
Strange noises coming from both as they writhe about totally immersed in play
They pause and look up
We are still there watching
Poppy bumps Tessa and it starts again

Ok you say its only two dogs playing, so what? Ah it's a new shy girl relaxing enough to let down her guard to play with a new pal without feeling the need to take care of herself, to not have to watch incase something comes along and harms her. Pretty amazing if you ask me!

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