Saturday, 29 May 2010

Poppy puppy and Kim

Hello Caroline
See if this is any good for your blog -my goodness you are persuasive AND BOSSY! I spend all day reading or writing reports and I find myself typing up a Blog on a Saturday (Bank Hol weekend at that Ms Howlett!) and by the way .. I have just seen that comment at the end of Charlies Blog ' Beat that Poppy Puppy!' at first I thought Charlies owner was setting me a challenge then I realised it was more likely to be YOU! - cheeky bugger

Here it is - (don't use it if not up to scratch though - I dont want to affect your Ofsted rating lol)

Since Poppy joined Petnanny in February I have often thought it was a bit like sending your dog to school....

Teachers = Ms Howlett & Ms Nicholson
School Bus = Petnanny Vans
Lessons = The free training sessions our dogs get when they are with Caroline & Sam
Playtime = Loads of walks, playing games, socialising with mates, probably a few scraps (and a few puppy-love romances I'm sure hehe)
School Photos = Laura the photographer joined Petnanny and the dogs (great photos)
School trip = A day at the beach
Discipline = The Naughty Tree (Poor Hugo!)
Teachers Pet = Hugo (well he is a Pug! hehe)

So I shouldn't really have been surprised to find we had been set some HOMEWORK! Now this does make me wonder what will be next? SATS tests maybe? (or should that be SITS? haha) and School Reports!

I see from the blog that Charlielab was excellent with his homework and he was first to hand it in - Good lad! (SWOT). I hope Ms Howlett gave Charlie a Gold Star for that. Poppy has also been good this week when she had a 'Daddy or Chips' moment. (I know, I know, I just have to brag about her when she is good!).

We were out for a walk (Poppy off lead) when suddenly a dog came out from the trees. Poppy's usual strategy would have been to run straight over to play with the dog, but not this time!! ... she sat down, looked at the dog, looked at me, then looked back at the dog. I called her and GUESS WHAT? - she made a decision AND this time it was the RIGHT decision. She did the fastest recall you have ever seen. Wooo hooo for the first time EVER Poppy chose Mammy & chicken over a potential doggie playmate. What a good girl, there is hope for the Feral Puppy yet.

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