Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Petnanny Has Talent

Todays entries have certainly made us laugh with all manner of competitors. By far the most popular choice was dance or Gymnastics.

Judging again this year was our very own Caroline Cowell as hard as ever with her comments, who will face the criticism or bask in the glory that comes from facing the ultimate judge.

Tash or by her stage name 'The Queen Mother' came in first with her impressive Hockey Cockey not a foot out of place yet Caroline Cowell could only comment on how old hat this routine was, Tash of course was ready for this and retorted you of all people should know the old ones are the best!

Next was a newcomer, The showgirl rather underdressed by our standards. She chose the Irish jig hoping to win over Louie, even CC was impressed with the speed of her legs without any body movement, not bad for a fat lass. Unfortunately she lost style points by facing the wrong direction. Luckily she was comforted by a very attentive Fergus.

A very funny pair were Mickey and Minnie re-enacting The Chariots of Fire CC had a lump in her throat when the Vangelis music was playing and their hair was flowing in the wind albeit very slowly.

The next act was all action and unfortunately this was to be their downfall. Murphy, not known for his grace, missed his cue on his routine and nearly wiped out Sophie and Jasper in one fell swoop, Charlie just looked on aghast and hoped when he did his solo act he would fair better.

Unfortunately this wasnt to be as despite having a dandelion as a prompt he forgot his lines to The dandelion song by Nicole Richie, CC being a sucker for the underdog asked him to prepare another song and to come back to the next event.

Murphy was also another dog to have a solo act and his rendition of Flashdance had everyone in stitches, he did however lose an oppurtunity to shine by forgetting his legwarmers.

Bobby wanting to lose his mummy boy title chose a hiphop routine. The moves were simply outstanding although it has to be said some of the facial expressions could only be described as grimaces.

Pixie suffered from a Prop failure as she had chosen to howl to Jail House Rock unfortunately she could find no bars so had to sit behind the window in the van, in the hope the audience would appreciate she may as well have been jail if she couldn't join in.

Poppy was very clever and asked CC to join her for the act and they sang 'You are my Sunshine my only sunshine, you make me happy ...' to each other although well recieved I did hear some sort of Muppet comment.

Harry chose a very upbeat song and not only sang but danced, a lively enthusiastic routine suited the chosen song ' I'm a believer' by the Monkees.

Last came Fergus. Well no one could doubt his enthusiasm despite the routine not being well thought out. It pretty much just involved him jumping as high as possible to the sound of S club 7 'Jump for the Stars'! Lola repayed his loyalty with enthusiastic yipping everytime he jumped.

Well I hope you have enjoyed Petnanny has talent who would you choose?

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