Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Never before

Never before have I been told off for poop scooping!

So I am wlaking along watching the guys lapping up their freedom when a gentleman started to approach, I shout the guys in and asked them to sit. Rather than walk past he walked straight up to me.....he didnt have a dog so the dogs just sat looking pretty much bored.

'What you doing that for?' said the man
'Sorry?' I said
'Picking the poo up in the woods' he remarked
'Urm I always do' feeling a little chastened
' Daft bugger, you should just flick it into the side with a stick' he said looking incredulous
' I don't mind picking it up, lets face it they produce a lot!' I was starting to chuckle
'The world has gone mad, following the dogs around picking up the poo only to stick it into a bag, madness' he said shaking his head.

Now at this point I do agree in someway, it is a little mad to take a biodegradable product and put it into a plastic bag (although you can now use real degradable bags)but leaving the poop is not only irresponsible poo is also foul and I hate standing in it.

' Bye then!' said I chuckling at my ticking off
' See you next time at least if those council thingies come they'll not be able to trap you' and off he went to go who knows where...

Funny what can happen when you go down to the woods!

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