Thursday, 27 May 2010

Leah and Esther

Leah, Esther's mum, joined us today at the field. I certainly wasn't expecting her to say she was frightened of dogs!

Esther has been doing great despite being on the lead and it is always interesting to see how the dogs behave when their parents are around. Funnily enough I dont think Esther was any different maybe because she hasn't been with us long and is only just mixing with the guys now.

Our first walk was with the delicates or steady dogs and it was nice to catch up whilst watching them sniff, roll and mooch to their hearts content. After Leah had mentioned her fear and hwo it had improved since having Esther I was delighted that she wanted to try and walk with us with the daft guys. Her face was a picture when Vinnie, Takoda and Murphy started running but I am certain she felt safe as she walked around and yet again, as all people do, she was amazed that the dogs could mix with each other without aggravation.

Where does this belief that dogs coming together would automatically start fighting or creating? Is it down to the fact their daily interactions with local dogs usually involve some tension?

Without doubt dogs getting together has to be supervised and controlled just as groups of people need managed I think it is sad that people's default setting is to worry. Many Dog walkers and petsitters often use this fear to promote their type of walking saying they don't group walk yet walk four or six dogs as a group....that is group walking! Why suggest or say that group walking promotes pack behaviour when non of those dogs are likely to know what a pack is....

It wasn't that long ago that we were all told we had to be pack leader and in fact many still do....I prefer to make it plain I am the provider of all things comfortable and fun....we all have rules to abide by as we are part of a wider social group with defined roles, just as dogs can be. Behaviourists are often said to say that groups of dogs are more likely to fight yet wihtout doubt playing ball games can create many problems in dogs yet we don't suggest to stop that!

So I am grateful today Sam the guys and I have helped to educate someone to the delights of dogs mixing be it two dogs or 20!

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