Monday, 24 May 2010

I don't like change

I know it is unavoidable I just don't like change!

Today I just found out that Ben and Sandy, the old boys, are leaving us. Their mum has had a complete career change and will now be around for the lads which is great for them so I am happy for them, we will miss them though.

Hansom and Lil have managed to find the house of their dreams which is fantastic, their lovely son Archie will be able to enjoy a garden as will the guys..... Sniff both Hansom and Lil and Ben and Sandy are every day dogs so inevitably we are attached to them but as we know things change and I think H&L's family are just as upset as we are. Unfortunately I can't travel to their new house. At least they gave us plenty of notice so we could plan ahead and fill their spot.

Esther has been off for spaying and is not impressed with on lead exercise ah well she is at the beginning of her Petnanny journey so it will be interesting to see her learn and grow as we go along. This week I have a young Patterdale called Tessa who needed some urgent dog walking cover and she is a sweetie. She started her walk being unhappy that their was another dog around and boy did she jump when they tried to sniff her bottom! By the end of her first walk she had realised neither Esther nor Truffle were that threatening or indeed that interested in her so she was happy to chill and enjoy the walk.

Ben the pointer who is with me for training was off last week as we were very busy with my 'talk' day Thursday and Lily van being in the garage and I have to say I am relieved as he has been poorly after the weekend with suspected Kennel Cough. As the guys haven't mixed we aren't at risk but I will take this as a an ideal oppurtunity to ask everyone to be vigilant when walking your own dogs. If you do walk them in high traffic( dog traffic) areas please take care to not mix too much and if any dogs come into contact with a sneezing coughing dog please keep them off. Whilt for most dogs it is a inconvenience for some it is a real risk to their lives, Sky, Tash and Buck would all be seriously affected and I don't want to lose any of the old guys to kennel cough just because someone didn't want the inconvenience of keeping their dog at home. Harsh I know but as ever I am being honest.

I hope everyone has had a fab weekend in the glorious sunshine!

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