Friday, 28 May 2010

Charlie and his homework.

From Charlielabs mum

Thought I'd let you know about the training session Charles and I have just had, I put his food in the bag and off we went on our usual route, he stayed to heel and sat at the kirbs till we got to the field, where he gets V excited coz he knows that's when the play starts.......except not today... I just kept walking, he looked very confused but went with it. Then I did the pretend unclip like you suggested, he tried to go the first couple of times but soon understood what 'wait' meant, he sat and waited till I said gooooooooo, and off he went.

We had a bit play with the launcher, then I got him to just walk along side, which he did perfectly, we came across a couple of retrievers, one of which was HUGE and very interested in Charlie, Charlie was more interested in me, so I was impressed, the other dog got bored of trying to sniff at him and went on it's way.

Then, and this is the thing I've not done with Charlie yet, but I managed to get him to sit after I launched the ball untill I got him to goooooo, had to hold his collar the first few times, but after that every throw he sat perfectly still (other than tail wagging) till he was told to goooooo, I was well impressed with him!!

We also did some 'sit-stay's, and even some 'lie down - stay's, and he was fab, then I thought I'd have a go jogging and see what happened, thinking he'd cut across and send me flying, nope, he ran along side, looking up periodically, it melted my heart!!

It's not often I get to have a one to one training session with him, but I'm proud of what we both achieved today.

He's flat out now, ha ha ha, bless him!!

So there Poppy puppy beat that!

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