Monday, 24 May 2010

A challenge for you all

I would like to challenge you all to some homework!

You have your dog on the leader, they are just about to be let off to have a run, you uinclip the lead and off the dog shoots......instead can you flick the lead catch so it sounds like they are loose and just stand still whilst they try and run. Do this until they don't try to run when you are pretending to unclip the lead...this maybe difficult for Murphys owner as you might end up in the next county but f you can face it please try.....Once they stop trying to run then unclip and tell them they can go...weeeeee.

Take your dogs dry food out for one walk, even if it is just one. Alo take some hotdogs in a plastic bag chopped up small. Give him/ her a shout and give them dry food for an ok recall and hotdogs for a fast recall. Do this a few times. If you shout of your guys and they are saying hi to someone and they look at you but dont make a move to come back see if it helps to bring them back.

As a pointer if we are walking a baggage who isn't so keen on the whole 'come back when you are asked please' I always praise them for watching us, praise them for keeping a check. And if they are having a 'Daddy or Chips' moment then run like a looney and have the hotdogs ready!

Want some more ( was that groaning I heard there)? When was the last time you checked your guys all over?

Have fun!


  1. The dog ate my homework!!!

  2. Haha might have known! You are both very naughty.