Monday, 10 May 2010

Busmans Holiday

Saturday I succumbed, I succumbed to the lure of being surrounded by pugs! SO much to Bruce's amusement I packed up my walking gear and met the north east snorter group and walked long the beach at Whitley Bay. I took along Oscar, Hugo and special permission was recieved to be able to take some very unsnorters Belle, Mila and Izzo. Holly came along with Ernie her definate snorter and her two anything but snorters Alfie and Louis. Next was Lolas Mum and Dad.

It was completely wild on the beach and that wasn't down to the flat faced friends brrr the weather! I was delighted how everyone of them behaved and other than having a french bulldog cock his leg on me there wasn't a foot out of place.

Photo are available on this link.

Even more amusing was having to rush home to meet my brother and his family, my parents and Bruce at Allen Banks for a good walk then heading home to walk my two as bth walks were too long for knackered old bones.

Anyone would think I liked walking!

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