Saturday, 29 May 2010

Poppy puppy and Kim

Hello Caroline
See if this is any good for your blog -my goodness you are persuasive AND BOSSY! I spend all day reading or writing reports and I find myself typing up a Blog on a Saturday (Bank Hol weekend at that Ms Howlett!) and by the way .. I have just seen that comment at the end of Charlies Blog ' Beat that Poppy Puppy!' at first I thought Charlies owner was setting me a challenge then I realised it was more likely to be YOU! - cheeky bugger

Here it is - (don't use it if not up to scratch though - I dont want to affect your Ofsted rating lol)

Since Poppy joined Petnanny in February I have often thought it was a bit like sending your dog to school....

Teachers = Ms Howlett & Ms Nicholson
School Bus = Petnanny Vans
Lessons = The free training sessions our dogs get when they are with Caroline & Sam
Playtime = Loads of walks, playing games, socialising with mates, probably a few scraps (and a few puppy-love romances I'm sure hehe)
School Photos = Laura the photographer joined Petnanny and the dogs (great photos)
School trip = A day at the beach
Discipline = The Naughty Tree (Poor Hugo!)
Teachers Pet = Hugo (well he is a Pug! hehe)

So I shouldn't really have been surprised to find we had been set some HOMEWORK! Now this does make me wonder what will be next? SATS tests maybe? (or should that be SITS? haha) and School Reports!

I see from the blog that Charlielab was excellent with his homework and he was first to hand it in - Good lad! (SWOT). I hope Ms Howlett gave Charlie a Gold Star for that. Poppy has also been good this week when she had a 'Daddy or Chips' moment. (I know, I know, I just have to brag about her when she is good!).

We were out for a walk (Poppy off lead) when suddenly a dog came out from the trees. Poppy's usual strategy would have been to run straight over to play with the dog, but not this time!! ... she sat down, looked at the dog, looked at me, then looked back at the dog. I called her and GUESS WHAT? - she made a decision AND this time it was the RIGHT decision. She did the fastest recall you have ever seen. Wooo hooo for the first time EVER Poppy chose Mammy & chicken over a potential doggie playmate. What a good girl, there is hope for the Feral Puppy yet.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Charlie and his homework.

From Charlielabs mum

Thought I'd let you know about the training session Charles and I have just had, I put his food in the bag and off we went on our usual route, he stayed to heel and sat at the kirbs till we got to the field, where he gets V excited coz he knows that's when the play starts.......except not today... I just kept walking, he looked very confused but went with it. Then I did the pretend unclip like you suggested, he tried to go the first couple of times but soon understood what 'wait' meant, he sat and waited till I said gooooooooo, and off he went.

We had a bit play with the launcher, then I got him to just walk along side, which he did perfectly, we came across a couple of retrievers, one of which was HUGE and very interested in Charlie, Charlie was more interested in me, so I was impressed, the other dog got bored of trying to sniff at him and went on it's way.

Then, and this is the thing I've not done with Charlie yet, but I managed to get him to sit after I launched the ball untill I got him to goooooo, had to hold his collar the first few times, but after that every throw he sat perfectly still (other than tail wagging) till he was told to goooooo, I was well impressed with him!!

We also did some 'sit-stay's, and even some 'lie down - stay's, and he was fab, then I thought I'd have a go jogging and see what happened, thinking he'd cut across and send me flying, nope, he ran along side, looking up periodically, it melted my heart!!

It's not often I get to have a one to one training session with him, but I'm proud of what we both achieved today.

He's flat out now, ha ha ha, bless him!!

So there Poppy puppy beat that!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Poppys magic touch

Tessa is looking on
Poppy makes a decision
Tessa says hi to Poppy then goes to move on
Poppy continues to say hiya
Tessa walks along tail up rubbing up against an enthusiastic but polite Poppy
Poppy starts being silly, wiggling, walking and bumping Tessa
Tessas tail starts to wiggle just as her legs start to buckle
Before you know it you can only see a mass of brown and black
Strange noises coming from both as they writhe about totally immersed in play
They pause and look up
We are still there watching
Poppy bumps Tessa and it starts again

Ok you say its only two dogs playing, so what? Ah it's a new shy girl relaxing enough to let down her guard to play with a new pal without feeling the need to take care of herself, to not have to watch incase something comes along and harms her. Pretty amazing if you ask me!

Leah and Esther

Leah, Esther's mum, joined us today at the field. I certainly wasn't expecting her to say she was frightened of dogs!

Esther has been doing great despite being on the lead and it is always interesting to see how the dogs behave when their parents are around. Funnily enough I dont think Esther was any different maybe because she hasn't been with us long and is only just mixing with the guys now.

Our first walk was with the delicates or steady dogs and it was nice to catch up whilst watching them sniff, roll and mooch to their hearts content. After Leah had mentioned her fear and hwo it had improved since having Esther I was delighted that she wanted to try and walk with us with the daft guys. Her face was a picture when Vinnie, Takoda and Murphy started running but I am certain she felt safe as she walked around and yet again, as all people do, she was amazed that the dogs could mix with each other without aggravation.

Where does this belief that dogs coming together would automatically start fighting or creating? Is it down to the fact their daily interactions with local dogs usually involve some tension?

Without doubt dogs getting together has to be supervised and controlled just as groups of people need managed I think it is sad that people's default setting is to worry. Many Dog walkers and petsitters often use this fear to promote their type of walking saying they don't group walk yet walk four or six dogs as a group....that is group walking! Why suggest or say that group walking promotes pack behaviour when non of those dogs are likely to know what a pack is....

It wasn't that long ago that we were all told we had to be pack leader and in fact many still do....I prefer to make it plain I am the provider of all things comfortable and fun....we all have rules to abide by as we are part of a wider social group with defined roles, just as dogs can be. Behaviourists are often said to say that groups of dogs are more likely to fight yet wihtout doubt playing ball games can create many problems in dogs yet we don't suggest to stop that!

So I am grateful today Sam the guys and I have helped to educate someone to the delights of dogs mixing be it two dogs or 20!

Monday, 24 May 2010

A challenge for you all

I would like to challenge you all to some homework!

You have your dog on the leader, they are just about to be let off to have a run, you uinclip the lead and off the dog shoots......instead can you flick the lead catch so it sounds like they are loose and just stand still whilst they try and run. Do this until they don't try to run when you are pretending to unclip the lead...this maybe difficult for Murphys owner as you might end up in the next county but f you can face it please try.....Once they stop trying to run then unclip and tell them they can go...weeeeee.

Take your dogs dry food out for one walk, even if it is just one. Alo take some hotdogs in a plastic bag chopped up small. Give him/ her a shout and give them dry food for an ok recall and hotdogs for a fast recall. Do this a few times. If you shout of your guys and they are saying hi to someone and they look at you but dont make a move to come back see if it helps to bring them back.

As a pointer if we are walking a baggage who isn't so keen on the whole 'come back when you are asked please' I always praise them for watching us, praise them for keeping a check. And if they are having a 'Daddy or Chips' moment then run like a looney and have the hotdogs ready!

Want some more ( was that groaning I heard there)? When was the last time you checked your guys all over?

Have fun!

I don't like change

I know it is unavoidable I just don't like change!

Today I just found out that Ben and Sandy, the old boys, are leaving us. Their mum has had a complete career change and will now be around for the lads which is great for them so I am happy for them, we will miss them though.

Hansom and Lil have managed to find the house of their dreams which is fantastic, their lovely son Archie will be able to enjoy a garden as will the guys..... Sniff both Hansom and Lil and Ben and Sandy are every day dogs so inevitably we are attached to them but as we know things change and I think H&L's family are just as upset as we are. Unfortunately I can't travel to their new house. At least they gave us plenty of notice so we could plan ahead and fill their spot.

Esther has been off for spaying and is not impressed with on lead exercise ah well she is at the beginning of her Petnanny journey so it will be interesting to see her learn and grow as we go along. This week I have a young Patterdale called Tessa who needed some urgent dog walking cover and she is a sweetie. She started her walk being unhappy that their was another dog around and boy did she jump when they tried to sniff her bottom! By the end of her first walk she had realised neither Esther nor Truffle were that threatening or indeed that interested in her so she was happy to chill and enjoy the walk.

Ben the pointer who is with me for training was off last week as we were very busy with my 'talk' day Thursday and Lily van being in the garage and I have to say I am relieved as he has been poorly after the weekend with suspected Kennel Cough. As the guys haven't mixed we aren't at risk but I will take this as a an ideal oppurtunity to ask everyone to be vigilant when walking your own dogs. If you do walk them in high traffic( dog traffic) areas please take care to not mix too much and if any dogs come into contact with a sneezing coughing dog please keep them off. Whilt for most dogs it is a inconvenience for some it is a real risk to their lives, Sky, Tash and Buck would all be seriously affected and I don't want to lose any of the old guys to kennel cough just because someone didn't want the inconvenience of keeping their dog at home. Harsh I know but as ever I am being honest.

I hope everyone has had a fab weekend in the glorious sunshine!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Woods again!

Not as daft as they look taking a moment to cool down, can you spot Montana?!

Hey Shorty

Ah don't you just love 'em

Walking through the yew trees

Never before

Never before have I been told off for poop scooping!

So I am wlaking along watching the guys lapping up their freedom when a gentleman started to approach, I shout the guys in and asked them to sit. Rather than walk past he walked straight up to me.....he didnt have a dog so the dogs just sat looking pretty much bored.

'What you doing that for?' said the man
'Sorry?' I said
'Picking the poo up in the woods' he remarked
'Urm I always do' feeling a little chastened
' Daft bugger, you should just flick it into the side with a stick' he said looking incredulous
' I don't mind picking it up, lets face it they produce a lot!' I was starting to chuckle
'The world has gone mad, following the dogs around picking up the poo only to stick it into a bag, madness' he said shaking his head.

Now at this point I do agree in someway, it is a little mad to take a biodegradable product and put it into a plastic bag (although you can now use real degradable bags)but leaving the poop is not only irresponsible poo is also foul and I hate standing in it.

' Bye then!' said I chuckling at my ticking off
' See you next time at least if those council thingies come they'll not be able to trap you' and off he went to go who knows where...

Funny what can happen when you go down to the woods!

Passing off and helping out

Well what a shock I had upon entering my local shop....Pet Nanny advertising petsitting! Needless to say it isn't me and it is gonna have to stop.

I am so grateful I was able to phone the Federation Of Small Businesses for advice instead of worrying now all I have to do is get her address so I can send her cease and desist notice. So here is where I need everyones help....

Can you please keep an eye out for any adverts posted by the 'imposter' and let me know so I can deal with it?

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Pigs, Lambs, Esther and a wander around the farm

Ether has joined the group for some training she is a springador.

The lambs are getting to the stage where they are joining groups and have some fun away from their mothers.

Not so brave!

The pigs have just arrived on the farm and they are a hoot, they seems as interested in me as I am of them!

Now spring has sprung

Finally The big lad learns to have a nap in the van!

I love to see and feel the new leaves, birch and beech are the softest barely a slither in your hands, the palest green. Needless to say I am sure the guys don't notice them content with just blasting around and sniffing..

I have enjoyed doing different walks and the dogs found all the new smells spellbinding. Sam and I really enjoyed having the sun on our backs and it is a relief to have the vans( although we are currently running on one van and a trooper) fitted with blowers, water showers and ventlocks.
Oooh does this mean we are going to have a decent summer? Pah yeh right believe it when I see it.

Monday, 17 May 2010


Well Lily is in the garage getting some repairs done, a mot and service. Eek! So Sam has Izzy and I am using Trooper. For some reason I have laughed everytime I looked in the mirror and saw three interested faces looking back at me...Poppy, Truffle and Bobby all with their car harnesses on sitting on the back seats. I am impressed at how well they sat on the way to their walk at Skys.

Further back were the four muskateers, Lola, Tallulah, Oscar and Hugo in the back lintran travel box who were enjoying the view from the back. Despite being a little unsettled in the new vehicle it does them good to have a change, I don't like having only a car to transport the guys in I prefer the safety of the van. At least with their harnesses and the cage they were safe!

I have also enjoyed the change it does get a little tedious doing the pick ups so I enjoyed taking two of the dogs to the little big girls and wlaking along his land, he has a beautiful stream that winds through his land so we had a long leisurely saunter whilst looking for the local wildlife. The next walk was at Skys and it did seem a little strange to walk through an industrial estate to take the guys for a walk. The field and woods were a nice little adventure and I know the dogs enjoyed it too although I had to be doubly careful with Sky as he tends to go on autopilot when he's on his 'own' walk, this isn't at all helpful when he is senile and more than a little deaf.

So whilst Lily is having a bit of work done I will savior the change of routine.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Facebook | Your Photos - Little Snorters
Just in case the other link didn't work!

Busmans Holiday

Saturday I succumbed, I succumbed to the lure of being surrounded by pugs! SO much to Bruce's amusement I packed up my walking gear and met the north east snorter group and walked long the beach at Whitley Bay. I took along Oscar, Hugo and special permission was recieved to be able to take some very unsnorters Belle, Mila and Izzo. Holly came along with Ernie her definate snorter and her two anything but snorters Alfie and Louis. Next was Lolas Mum and Dad.

It was completely wild on the beach and that wasn't down to the flat faced friends brrr the weather! I was delighted how everyone of them behaved and other than having a french bulldog cock his leg on me there wasn't a foot out of place.

Photo are available on this link.

Even more amusing was having to rush home to meet my brother and his family, my parents and Bruce at Allen Banks for a good walk then heading home to walk my two as bth walks were too long for knackered old bones.

Anyone would think I liked walking!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Grandma Ivy and co

Hugo has been reincarnated as Grandma Ivy( Jayne's Grandma) she had a perculiar way of pursing her lips and having a pet lip on when she was in a huff. So her great grandpet now shows how she used to look.

Hugo in the Shell paddling pool enjoying the cool water on his bum whilst also not being suited at being popped into there!

Pure Terrier

Suzy winning just by a head, wonder what they were chasing.
Ooh what's got Lola's knickers in a twist haha

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Petnanny Has Talent

Todays entries have certainly made us laugh with all manner of competitors. By far the most popular choice was dance or Gymnastics.

Judging again this year was our very own Caroline Cowell as hard as ever with her comments, who will face the criticism or bask in the glory that comes from facing the ultimate judge.

Tash or by her stage name 'The Queen Mother' came in first with her impressive Hockey Cockey not a foot out of place yet Caroline Cowell could only comment on how old hat this routine was, Tash of course was ready for this and retorted you of all people should know the old ones are the best!

Next was a newcomer, The showgirl rather underdressed by our standards. She chose the Irish jig hoping to win over Louie, even CC was impressed with the speed of her legs without any body movement, not bad for a fat lass. Unfortunately she lost style points by facing the wrong direction. Luckily she was comforted by a very attentive Fergus.

A very funny pair were Mickey and Minnie re-enacting The Chariots of Fire CC had a lump in her throat when the Vangelis music was playing and their hair was flowing in the wind albeit very slowly.

The next act was all action and unfortunately this was to be their downfall. Murphy, not known for his grace, missed his cue on his routine and nearly wiped out Sophie and Jasper in one fell swoop, Charlie just looked on aghast and hoped when he did his solo act he would fair better.

Unfortunately this wasnt to be as despite having a dandelion as a prompt he forgot his lines to The dandelion song by Nicole Richie, CC being a sucker for the underdog asked him to prepare another song and to come back to the next event.

Murphy was also another dog to have a solo act and his rendition of Flashdance had everyone in stitches, he did however lose an oppurtunity to shine by forgetting his legwarmers.

Bobby wanting to lose his mummy boy title chose a hiphop routine. The moves were simply outstanding although it has to be said some of the facial expressions could only be described as grimaces.

Pixie suffered from a Prop failure as she had chosen to howl to Jail House Rock unfortunately she could find no bars so had to sit behind the window in the van, in the hope the audience would appreciate she may as well have been jail if she couldn't join in.

Poppy was very clever and asked CC to join her for the act and they sang 'You are my Sunshine my only sunshine, you make me happy ...' to each other although well recieved I did hear some sort of Muppet comment.

Harry chose a very upbeat song and not only sang but danced, a lively enthusiastic routine suited the chosen song ' I'm a believer' by the Monkees.

Last came Fergus. Well no one could doubt his enthusiasm despite the routine not being well thought out. It pretty much just involved him jumping as high as possible to the sound of S club 7 'Jump for the Stars'! Lola repayed his loyalty with enthusiastic yipping everytime he jumped.

Well I hope you have enjoyed Petnanny has talent who would you choose?

Chamfron Photos are now Live