Wednesday, 28 April 2010

What is it about boys?

I just don't know! Now many 'experts'( I hate that word) say that entire boys fancy anything that isn't another entire boy because the smell is the same as a bitch... I dont believe them because many of our dogs actively choose one dog over and above. In fact Jack despite being in the van with an in season bitch only has eyes for Hansom who is a castrated male. He goes past all the out of season entire bitches with hardly a glance( although he does chat them up and tries to pester them if Hansom is not on this walk.).

I am not just talking about Jack wanting to whisper sweet nothings into his ear eek! You can see the look on his face he is almost saying 'oh the curve on his hips, the arch of his neck I just have to have him!'.

So until I hear those glorious words ' we are getting Jack castrated' I will have to live with the sight of Jack trying to woo a reluctant Hansom.

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