Monday, 26 April 2010

Living Simply

I have realised I try to live my life quite simply( haha I hear Bruce say)...

For example I wanted to buy a trailer so I saved small amounts until I could finally buy a trailer, it was slow but the end result was a trailer. Same with my work when I started I only had one customer then slowly I built it up only using customer recommendation as a way of building up. Looking back I now know it allowed me to learn and absorb what I needed.

The same goes for my two horses, people often presume anyone with horses must have money ( clearly you get a horse and end up with no money). Now when I had my two boys, Mattie and Puzzle, it cost me more money to keep Buck my injury prone dog than the two horses. They are kept simply, they live in a field only being fed a supplement for their vitamins and minerals, I ride them without shoes ( until they need them if they ever need them) and if I do buy anything for them I tend to buy quality so that it lasts me.

I still use the boys bridles for the girls!

So where is this going?

Well I now believe the same should be said when it comes to the guys. Keep it simple. Why ask them to do twenty things when one will do, focus on your goal and head towards it, it might take time but it will be worth it in the end. Feeding is often the same, if you have fed your dog something and they have done well on it why change? Having a selection is often more about us feeling better rather than them.

Maybe I don't need that expensive toy and I just need to sit and see what Buck or Shy comes up with, we tend to be so busy, keeping our guys busy that it is nice to just stop and watch.

The guys also need to just settle and accept things. So in the van they may get a little frustrated or bored yet it is still unacceptable to chew my van or another dogs collar. At home we often give them lots of choice of things to chew o that they chew them instead of the house. The guys also need to learn to not chew and be occupied all the time. So try and take all the toys up for a whole night and teach them to just accept they dont have something to chew or play with.

It might be against the trend to save up before you buy but it is a process that has not only taught me to be patient, to be relentless and determined and be happy not to have to have the latest trend or fad because by the time I had saved up they would have been out of fashion! Transfer this to you dogs and you wont expect them to be perfect companions without the past training to make them that way.

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