Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I heard my first cuckoo of the year this morning!

Bruce used to run a large mixed farm at Beamish, he kept pigs and arable. I remember so well how much my pony used to love the pigs in the parkfield. Now horses aren't supposed to like pigs Puzzle clearly hadn't read the manual and delighted in licking the pigs rough skin and hair. Not only did Puzz love it the pigs used to line up for a good ol' licking!

As a great naturalist he would make sure he didn't run over the Peewits nests and watch out for Leverets whilst doing his tractor work and his farm was highly commended for its diversity. Well it is great to hear that despite moving to Northumberland and leaving the farming way of life behind him( well not completely) his legacy lives on....the cuckoo was calling from his land.

The 8acre field we have for the dogs was kept from that farm and currently has two grey partridges scouting for a possible nesting site. Whilst they may not nest there it shows they are around. Grey partridges are now in trouble maybe in part down to the success of the brighter french partridges.

On a slightly more random and bizarre springtime mission, I had sent my mam on a trek to find some material in order to make an upside down rug for my horse who is allergic to trees amongt other things. The flies find her incredibly tasty and she end up rubbing herself raw so an upside rug will help cover the bits that get bitten. So off my mam goes to the large local material warehouse and asks for stretchy lightweight material suitable for all weathers. Apparently they had never heard the like when she mentioned it was for a horse....They have asked her to update them when she finished the horse leotard! I am almost disappointed it is in navy I think zebra print would be very fetching don't you?

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