Wednesday, 28 April 2010

What is it about boys?

I just don't know! Now many 'experts'( I hate that word) say that entire boys fancy anything that isn't another entire boy because the smell is the same as a bitch... I dont believe them because many of our dogs actively choose one dog over and above. In fact Jack despite being in the van with an in season bitch only has eyes for Hansom who is a castrated male. He goes past all the out of season entire bitches with hardly a glance( although he does chat them up and tries to pester them if Hansom is not on this walk.).

I am not just talking about Jack wanting to whisper sweet nothings into his ear eek! You can see the look on his face he is almost saying 'oh the curve on his hips, the arch of his neck I just have to have him!'.

So until I hear those glorious words ' we are getting Jack castrated' I will have to live with the sight of Jack trying to woo a reluctant Hansom.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Whinerarmers( weimerarners renamed as they whine so much!)

Petnanny knows how to hit that itchy spot!

Fetching foot wear!

Pug view and friends

Tallulah what a face haha!


I heard my first cuckoo of the year this morning!

Bruce used to run a large mixed farm at Beamish, he kept pigs and arable. I remember so well how much my pony used to love the pigs in the parkfield. Now horses aren't supposed to like pigs Puzzle clearly hadn't read the manual and delighted in licking the pigs rough skin and hair. Not only did Puzz love it the pigs used to line up for a good ol' licking!

As a great naturalist he would make sure he didn't run over the Peewits nests and watch out for Leverets whilst doing his tractor work and his farm was highly commended for its diversity. Well it is great to hear that despite moving to Northumberland and leaving the farming way of life behind him( well not completely) his legacy lives on....the cuckoo was calling from his land.

The 8acre field we have for the dogs was kept from that farm and currently has two grey partridges scouting for a possible nesting site. Whilst they may not nest there it shows they are around. Grey partridges are now in trouble maybe in part down to the success of the brighter french partridges.

On a slightly more random and bizarre springtime mission, I had sent my mam on a trek to find some material in order to make an upside down rug for my horse who is allergic to trees amongt other things. The flies find her incredibly tasty and she end up rubbing herself raw so an upside rug will help cover the bits that get bitten. So off my mam goes to the large local material warehouse and asks for stretchy lightweight material suitable for all weathers. Apparently they had never heard the like when she mentioned it was for a horse....They have asked her to update them when she finished the horse leotard! I am almost disappointed it is in navy I think zebra print would be very fetching don't you?

Monday, 26 April 2010

Living Simply

I have realised I try to live my life quite simply( haha I hear Bruce say)...

For example I wanted to buy a trailer so I saved small amounts until I could finally buy a trailer, it was slow but the end result was a trailer. Same with my work when I started I only had one customer then slowly I built it up only using customer recommendation as a way of building up. Looking back I now know it allowed me to learn and absorb what I needed.

The same goes for my two horses, people often presume anyone with horses must have money ( clearly you get a horse and end up with no money). Now when I had my two boys, Mattie and Puzzle, it cost me more money to keep Buck my injury prone dog than the two horses. They are kept simply, they live in a field only being fed a supplement for their vitamins and minerals, I ride them without shoes ( until they need them if they ever need them) and if I do buy anything for them I tend to buy quality so that it lasts me.

I still use the boys bridles for the girls!

So where is this going?

Well I now believe the same should be said when it comes to the guys. Keep it simple. Why ask them to do twenty things when one will do, focus on your goal and head towards it, it might take time but it will be worth it in the end. Feeding is often the same, if you have fed your dog something and they have done well on it why change? Having a selection is often more about us feeling better rather than them.

Maybe I don't need that expensive toy and I just need to sit and see what Buck or Shy comes up with, we tend to be so busy, keeping our guys busy that it is nice to just stop and watch.

The guys also need to just settle and accept things. So in the van they may get a little frustrated or bored yet it is still unacceptable to chew my van or another dogs collar. At home we often give them lots of choice of things to chew o that they chew them instead of the house. The guys also need to learn to not chew and be occupied all the time. So try and take all the toys up for a whole night and teach them to just accept they dont have something to chew or play with.

It might be against the trend to save up before you buy but it is a process that has not only taught me to be patient, to be relentless and determined and be happy not to have to have the latest trend or fad because by the time I had saved up they would have been out of fashion! Transfer this to you dogs and you wont expect them to be perfect companions without the past training to make them that way.

Wild Dogs and Petnanny

Well I am delighted to say Petnanny not only helps pet dogs we help Wild Dogs!

I drew a Wild Dog picture which was auctioned last week and it raised enough money to buy a radio tracking collar to help protect Wild dogs in their natural environment.

Here is a photo( from Zimbabwe Wild Dog site) of them playing:

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Bless them

More photos uploaded here:

Complete concentration

I dropped a treat!

A few photos uploaded here yet again I have filled this album so will have to get another!

The three amigos

This is their very subtle way of saying...'Take me!'

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Walking without mud and a touch of sunshine

It's behind you!

What on earth are you?

There are four dogs there

THE most exciting rabbit hole

Cait Tallulahs mum watching their antics


Just being a dog

Noses down bums up

Monday, 19 April 2010

Me and my dog

Love to know what they were looking at and thinking!

Urm not hungry thanks

The crickets laugh in the face of the dragon.

New kind of headwear

Do you think the farmers dog is wanting his attention?

Sad photo that also makes my heart glad

A homeless man with his dog

Monday, 12 April 2010

Day at the Beach

Thursday we took all the dogs to the beach, next time we are going to make it a Monday so all our dogs get the chance to take their buckets and spades...

Sam and Cait finishing off the 'I'm a little teapot' sketch although it does look more like they are auditioning for a budget northern baywatch musical.

Here is a selection of photos the rest are uploaded :

Day at Weardale

Bruce and I went to visit Mick and Emma, our friends in Weardale who bred Buck many moons ago.
Here is a photo blog of the lovely day.

I am still gonna eat Turkey Sorry Ginge

The Gimmers watching our dogs in the valley

Mick and his very chilled Limousin Bull
I'd have taken him home the bull that is!

Bruce, Sally( dog) Emma, Mick and Rossi

Kip the collie being stepdad and rag toy all rolled into one

What a worried look!

Urm gates open....

Really gate is open!

Bit scared...


Why Kip lives outside


The new welsh boar who is scared of his ladies..

A mother and daughters love!

This is Sally, Buck's Neice with one of her six pups, not just us enjoying the sun eh?
Three dogs and three bitches, for sale £100 I get one for free so if anyone is interested give me a shout more photos to follow.