Thursday, 25 March 2010

Tallulah McFlurry; aka Loolly Mac.

Border Terrier, Female, almost 2 years old. If she spoke, it would be in a soft, Scottish accent.

Shown here with her pal Oscar.

Teddy; aka Humpy Teddy III.
Plush dog toy, eunuch, just under three months old. If it spoke, it would be a trembling ‘no more, please’.

Humpy Teddy III is the third incarnation of Loolly Mac’s favourite toy. Never has a plush toy been violated to such an extent that all limbs have been lost (Humpy Teddy I), or that they have begun to smell of...rot... or something...(Humpy Teddy II)
Each Humpy Teddy that enters this household surrenders itself to the same fate: to literally be loved to death >.<

No other toy, plush or otherwise, arouses the attention of the McFlurry more than this poor, innocent bear. Lions, monsters, ducks and other bears just don’t have the same lure. Never have I known a female hump a toy so ferociously. Never have i known a female dog to hump anything, quite frankly. For a short while, when she was younger, I asked the vet to consider the possibility she was an hermaphrodite. But no, she just just has a lust for life...and medium brown coloured bears.
Am I alone in having an infatuated animal or does each Pet Nanny house have its own version of Humpy Teddy??

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