Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Sam's blog about ome of our five day a week dogs

We do have a few 5 day a week dogs Harry, Suzy, Ben & Sandy, Poppy puppy, Tash, Vinny and Nanci they all have there different quirky ways:

Harry likes to run around his mam's car ( on the drive)in excitement when getting picked up and dropped off he gets so excited he does a bouncey bouncey jump (its not so bouncey on a morning, you can tell he is still half asleep) and he knows that when he gets home his tea is waiting for him. He can let out an excitable bark to try and tell me to hurry up and let him in. Harry is definatly a favorite with the lively dogs and is often forced(by belle) to play "rabbit" and get chased by all the dogs. I don't think he is very impressed when we ask him to sit and wait before he walks to the van, he likes to run!

Suzy and her many nicknames. My fave at the moment is Dizzy Dora, she can be on her own little Suzy planet at times, she's always keen to come out with us even at 12yr old. On her way out the door she likes to have a short divert onto the neighbours drive ( they have their own mini cul de sac)while I'm locking the door! She likes to have her opinon heard or should I say her high pitched yap/squeak and as an older lady she does think she is elite and doesn't have to join in with group sits and training.

Ben and Sandy are pretty new like Suzy, they are two old gents. Sandy is blind and Ben is losing his sight. Ben is always on watch on a morning sitting on the windowsill until he see's me or the van and then he warns Sandy with a loud bark that were going out for the day. They are very noisy on a morning both keen dragging me out the door and Ben can even manage to jump into the van (impressive for an old sausage dog) Next he does his morning check to see who's in the van he likes to stalk Elsie and Pixie. Meanwhile Sandy just sits quietly, Ive come to the conclusion they just love the ride out, like a trip on the bus . . . . . they just don't have a free bus pass yet!!

Poppy puppy the newest addition. Poppy her routine is different with her being young, she is a parky puppy so sometimes her breakfast is left I often wait a while to see if she's interested in then food, then we go out to the garden to see if she may need a wee before going in the van. She is a bit wild in the van, loves to greet the dogs and have a play with the younger ones. Her training is coming on great and just love her super fast recall. Her return home routine is similar to coming out, she gets a chance for wee's in the garden and its more than likey she hasn't ate her dinner I think she prefers it at home al fresco (in the garden).

Tish Tash has been with petnanny so long she regards herself as royalty and aquired the title HRH The Queen Mother, Tash likes to come out and inspect her vehicle similar to Harry she has to do a little trot around the van and the chauffer (me) should carry treats. Tash mostly gets offered to sit in the middle with the experienced dogs and sits at the front to get the best view!

Then we get to Vinny, he is a steady dog to bring out always takes his time to get off the sofa and out into the cold wind, and gets along with most dogs so can go anywhere in van, as long as its big enought for a weimararner. Talking of 'Whine'ramer's Vinny is a whinger, a cryer and a moaner. I've never known a dog like him, he moans when he waits, when he sits, when were at a walk and the loudest whinge has to be on the way home.

Prancie Nanci, for being a deaf dog she's pretty good at hearing me go in to get her and very fast at heading for the door, I feel like a rugby player tackling her from going out so fast we have been practacing her perfect sit on the door step while i lock the door, but sometime the excitement is too much and she darts off towards the van to do her circle of glory telling me to hurry up and let her in. She can be opinionated and has the odd bark at the dogs. On a walk Nanci can be cheeky and if she knows you want her or need to get her attention she won't look at you (this being the only way to get her attention) and on the way home Nanci is like a kid at school, she gets off the school bus, runs to the door and sits on the sofa and watches tv, you do get the feeling . . . "petnanny your dumped", until tomorrow!!!

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