Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Practising our sit stays and individual recalls

Here is a vid of our guys practising our recalls from a sit, its so hard for them not to follow their mates so I am sure you will agree how well they did. Naughty Hugo doesn't believe in sits stays!

Hugo also decided last week he didn't have to come back when called he could finish plodging in the puddle first so he was put on the naughty tree...oh Hugo hates the naughty tree. It worked though this week we can't stop him from recalling haha.


  1. Marvelous! We have watched the video about 6 times at work this morning, and we all think it is great. Although the other dogs are very well behaved me, and my colleagues think Naughty Hugo is the best dog. Photo of Hugo on the Naughty tree hahahaha.

  2. Mmmm maybe Nanny Caroline is also a bit soft on Hugo hence him being naughty pug.
    Poppy s such a hoodlum we are going to have so much fun with her...she is currently going through a phase of swearing at us for telling her off, cheeky baggage.