Monday, 8 March 2010

My Fortieth Birthday weekend

Well I am officially shattered!

Friday was spent at home, nothing special with that? Well for me I can say it is a complete delight. Then Bruce and I went for a lovely ride in the sun on the girls oh my idea of heaven, Bruce even had Zaffi opening the gates for me just as well as Ella was bouncing literally.

Then we went to our usual Italians and scoffed, yum.

Saturday was Gokarting day at wardley and what fun we had. Pretty much we all stayed on the track and Bruce came 6th out of 22. Our hands were completely frozen and I am not sure what is worse...them being frozen or them coming back to life. I just wished I had clicked on that I could raise my visor as it was raining and I couldn't see a thing. I am obviously used to travelling in low visability as I did fine for my first ever go.

Saturday night was heading back home to see to Buck and Tumble before heading off with Rossi and Shy in the van with Louis, Alfie and Ernie joining them. I think the three visitors enjoyed the luxury of lots of blankets and a temperature controlled heater.

Once at Potadoodledo we disembarked, fought over the pods and headed for the BBQ hut, what a fantastic set up, room for the dogs to play and run, same for the adults and right next to the beach.

The BBQ hut was so lovely and warm so we nipped out after food whilst my family lit the paper laterns and sent them skyward I did wonder if there would be any UFO sightings in the area that night! The chocolate cake Mark 2( the first one Karen my SIL had forgotten to put sugar in) went down a treat then we headed down to the community room for a good old natter and more wine, whisky and coffee.

The dogs thoroughly enjoyed the field at the site and all slept so well in their very own camper( izzy the van) even Riever the border was quiet.

Once it was time for bed we headed for our pods and obviously didnt use the brains we were provided with as we all balanced less than delicately on the very narrow platforms. Not only that we all woke up gently cooking not realising the heating could be turned down.....this was 3am! I got up and went for a walk taking the guys for a quick widdle then noticed the platforms had extra bits to them to make double beds....argh how dense were we. I certainly wasnt going to set them up at 3am so popped my mattress on the floor and promptly fell asleep as Bruce had found the thermostat, even Autumn admitted to cooking and struggling to balance on the narrow bed.

I was so delighted when Deborahs pod and Pauls pod full of people had also failed to notice the bed extensions or the thermostat for the heaters. One of the best comments of the weekend was over breakfast at the onsite cafe...Deborah piped up that f only she had known she would have just brought her Bikini. Now that would have thrilled the men of the group wouldn't it!

Once fed again we headed for the beach Cocklaw Burn. We had been beaten to the beach by the geoligists that were staying at Potadoodledo, one of which saw me in my jimjam glory walking the dogs in wellies, he was a little better dressed in........
a cravat, smoking jacket and trilby, yee gods he was only in his twenties and I couldnt help but stand looking aghast whilst he was probably doing the same with me with a blue sheep fleece jimjams, le Cheameu wellies, bed hair and two lurchers, a border terrier, two whippets and a griffon bruxellious. Nice!

Once we were all walked we headed to Seahouses and ate......what else fish and chips.

Happy Fortieth!

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