Monday, 22 March 2010

Just because...

March is all about hares isn't it....this morning I saw one loping across a stubble field clearly on a mission I couldn't see what he or she was looking at I don't care it was just so nice to see one so clearly. Then whilst walking the guys we disturbed a woodcock in a holly tree, I am always suprised how big they are.

After a week of solid training we noticed a good improvement from the guys, something as simple as a sit is the fundemental thing we teach and rely on. A sit can be a positioning tool, a catching tool, a frustration control, photo opportunity and an emergency stop. As a side affect it also switches the dogs manners on too.

I was impressed with Louie the young lab as he tried really hard, Alfie was rock solid and very pleased with himself. Milliedoodle diabolical so ended up doing the last walk.

It is interesting that we can pop them on their tethering post( any safe strong fence post) and just wait. Once everyone is sat quielty( some may need help) then we take the leads off the post, all still sitting. Next we walk, all the guys dropping into place then we go to out release spot( anywhere we decide to release them). Another sitting opportunity. Once everyone is sitting we then take the leads off, any dogs moving are quietly placed back sometimes relentlessly.

I love the next bit, so do they! We call one dog at a time they come for a tickle and off they go, this we do one by one till the last dog and off they run, sniff and bound over telling us how good they were.

Well I am finding it fairly difficult to concentrate as Keisha is currently playing with her toy from hell, it is playing 'nicknack paddywack give a dog a bone' and 'the wheels on the bus' at the same time, not only is that bad enough its a frog and an elephant who are 'singing' it...argh rescue me. I do have to admit I quite enjoyed the 'nicknack paddy wack give a dog a bone sounds quite good when the dog is barking it!

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