Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Gerron your bike

We managed to sneak out without it raining....for at least one walk!

Today I decided we would take some of the guys out with the bike again, this time two at a time and I am so pleased we did. Jasper missed out after being a complete baggage and attempting to break our reolve to not let him do anything nice until he shuts that gob of his. He clearly couldn't keep it zipped after seeing the bike so he was subjected to a tedious lead walk. Sirus unfortunately has a sore paw so he just had a blast and normal walk along with Suzy,Ben and Sandy who are a little old to be heading off 'on' a bike.

My first pair were the hardest, Murphy the Great Dane and CharlieLab, I was so impressed with both of them they weren't distracted by lampposts etc although Murhpy did his fair share of gooning. It's pretty tough to balance on a bike with a GD gooning about trying to persuade Charlie to do the same, Charlie was being a pillar of society and didn't put a foot wrong.

Next was the super pugs Oscar and Hugo, now it wasn't the best idea to do the steady pugs straight after the long striding pair before them as I felt I was going backwards! That said they have a good strong trot and are very fit so having a good trip out with the bike is no hassle for them. I did chuckle at the reactions from everyone, the first ones were amazement at the size and enthusiasm of Murhpy to the witty jibes about being lazy by wlaking the guys on the bike. Er hello the guys did a good couple of laps each I did about 20!

Now I was already really pleased at all the guys behaviour, turning left when asked and stopping whenever I needed them too, no stopping for pees etc until invited and no fussing when people or dogs walked past. We had lots of dogs swearing blue murder at us as we went past.

Next was Bertie and Beau a matching pair like the superpugs, Beau and Bertie are not fans of not being able to pee themselves around a walk and makes themselves very clear on this fact. Once they had worked out who was the bike dog and who was the curb dog we were off at a brisk trot and they loved striding along . Now these two like to really strutt when they meet dogs and although they never put a foot wrong they like to look the part with pushed out chests and upright tails, it's obviously hard to puff up your chest when you are trotting along so they raised their legs high like horses in a trap..I just about managed to get past upright on the bike laughing at their show.

Bobby and Tallulah seem like an unlikely pair, Bobby being a tall elegant chocolate lab and Tallulah a raggamuffin Border( I know my fault I haven't managed to strip her yet), yet they run very well together. Bobby is an expert when it comes to bike work and he has the most wonderful rythmical pace that never changes which makes it easier for his running partner and despite her small legs she is a true terrier and knuckles down to work when it is required. I hardly felt them in my left hand as they cruised along....ahhhh we have the best guys in the world I am sure.

Montana was paired with the diminuiative Elsie small in stature and huge in attitude, the polar opposite to Montana who is a strapping GSD with the attitude of a delicate chihuahua. As Monty has hip displasia we have taken our time conditioning her before her trot out with the bike and we took our time to match her pace, you can see when they hit their ' travel all day' trot a very efficient movement that is very comfortable and enables them to cover large distances with little effort. Luckily Elsie matched her very well and they looked an attractive pair. In fact we pretty much had matching pairs each time: blacks, fawns, blacks, browns then white!

Here's were our neat pairs went out the window as I took Mickey out for his first ever trip out with the bike...he was remarkebly good although wholeheartedly unimpressed, I think he's more of a move to the next smell kind of boy. He does love his walks though and once he understood the bike was just an unusual walking tool he enjoyed his shortlegged trip, it's our version of gentle fatcamp. Leia then did the same gentle route and I was very suprised at her acceptence of the bike she is a happy confident dog, you just can't presume she will be ok with new things when she is completely blind. We use our voice and pressure when walking her so it wasn't that hard to do the same on the bike, she even tried to have a good canter a couple of times but I have to admit I wasn't confident enough to try it incase I ran her over!!!!

Nanci and Fergus were hilarious, Fergus clearly thought it was a complete hoot and wanted to go everywhere at high speed so we set off at a fair lick, Nanci barely breaking her stride with Fergus's little legs whizzing round like a cartoon dog. His smile was a delight and I will definately have to take him out again he just loved blasting along, who'd have thought a deaf dalmation and a westie would be so much fun?!

Now Harry and Vinnie are a different kettle of fish, very workmanlike and for once they were having to wait for me, no more gently peddling away....up the gears went and it was time for my legs to fly around. Phew! Now this is more like it, Vinnie has a fantastic trot which is fast er than Harry can trot so we set off at a decent canter and their legs matched beautifully. the scenery was missed we were just focussing on running and peddling like good'uns.

To finish I did a very sedate elegant jog with Molly Mc Dolly and Tash it was clear Tash had a definate idea of how to look when travelling next to a bike and Mols matched, tail up, toes pointing and nose pushed haughtily in the air! Needless to say I didn't look the part with my trousers tucked into my socks( yee gods I am embarassed to admit this), sodden hair and somewhat 'glowing' in the face!

What of Sam? Well Sam headed off with the non bike dog and then gave the bike dogs a chance for more wee's etc.

So today everyone gets gold stars for their efforts and Jasper, Maddie and Beau get the dunce hat for their complete lack of effort and too much gob!

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