Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Fergus has turned out to be a complete treasure, it has taken work of course but what doesn't?! He is a firm favourite with all the dogs and despite loving playing rough he rarely upsets anyone so we are all very sad to hear he is moving out of our area....he will be such a miss not just for us, I know the guys will miss his enthusiastic fun and frolics.

He will be in good hands I am sure as it is likely he will go out walking with Kath, Just 4 Paws. We do have time to spend with him before he goes so we can prepare ouselves!

Today we had two new guys called Mickey and Minnie, shihtzus who are uncle and auntie to Louis the Shih Tzu I used to walk. Minnie was a little worried and found it a little stressful out walking with the quiet uys but her general nosiness meant she couldn't resist saying hi in the end. Mickey was the complete opposite, anxious in the van and chilled on a walk. I am wlaking them during their holidays so we are just doing taster walks until them so they can get used to us and the guys. They become long term customers so we will see how well they are recieved.

All in all we have all enjoyed having less mud under foot and sun on our backs I cant get over how many of our guys have a new love of rolling, just for the fun of it, maybe they have missed rolling most wont roll in the mud although the exceptions to the rule make up for it. Sophie doesn't feel she's had her moneys worth if she comes back the same colour she started with...baggage!

Louie is becoming a big boy and starting to join in with the lads, Poppy is just a rip, you have got to love her joie de vivre, boy she's a toughie. We are going to have so much fun with her, Jasper is quite taken by her and can't quite work out how such a little beastie can give him so much grief....

Well I have to shoot off and do the afternoon walks so will cut this blog short, enjoy the sun and hopefully you will have one of the guys who is enjoying rolling just because they can!

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