Sunday, 28 March 2010

Charlie labrador's supersit

I was just sent this message on facebook and had to share, it is lovely to hear our hard work doesn't go unnoticed.

Just wanted to say how impressed I am at your 'sit-stay' training!! Had a little incident tonight where Lucy had brought a mouse in (dead, poor wee thing), and Charlie was VERY interested in it, mmmmm, tasty, you could see it in his eyes!! I put him in dining room, where he can easily open the door in to the kitchen, and said to sit (he did) then stay, thinking he'd barge through in seconds, oh no, he stayed there till I'd picked up, showed David it, checked it was definately past saving, and disposed of it, and he continued staying as I forgot he was there and I started tidying cups into the dishwasher!!! It wasnt till I went to go back through the door and he's sat there looking at me with his baby-browns as if to say 'ok, can I go now', and bless him he didn't budge till I said ok!!

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