Thursday, 11 March 2010


Mmmm wonder what you thought this post was going to be about?!

Balls or rather one ball. And one big dog.

We do have lots of ball/ frisbee fetching dogs, we also have dogs who play chase the dogs who are chasing the ball. Occasionally we have dogs who like to pinch the ball from the dogs who fetch balls.

Then we have Murphy.

I won't even try to work out what kind of ball chasing dogs he is. The dogs run, therefore he runs, usually in the same direction. I have never been able to tell if he has actually noticed the ball being thrown.

So today when I was playing with the ball I was quite impresed Murphy appeared to be getting excited when my ball throwing arm was moving, so excited he was jumping head height trying to catch my arm, notice I said catching my arm rather than ball.

The guys were chasing theball when something amazing happened, I pretended to throw the ball, the dogs ran hell for leather in that direction totally oblivious to the fact I actually threw the ball the opposite direction, that is apart from one.

Yup you guessed it, Murphy. Not only did he chase said ball he even picked it up. Then he tried to look at it, whilst it was still in his mouth. When this didnt happen he looked up and saw the dogs running straight for him.......he started to get excited started to run in the direction they were heading obviously thinking they were running after something or maybe even thinking they were going to chase he dropped the ball with phuff and ran.....only the dogs were running to find the ball and once they found it they turned tail and ran to me. Murphy was still running excitedly from the 'advancing pack'and was completely confused when he turned around and found himself in an empty field( or so it seemed from his vantage point).

Now some people would ay Great Danes are thick but I like to think that their enthusiasm overtakes their brain and their legs are some way behind.

Ah well at least he was the only dog to find the ball, maybe I can get him to fetch some time soon.

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