Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Practising our sit stays and individual recalls

Here is a vid of our guys practising our recalls from a sit, its so hard for them not to follow their mates so I am sure you will agree how well they did. Naughty Hugo doesn't believe in sits stays!

Hugo also decided last week he didn't have to come back when called he could finish plodging in the puddle first so he was put on the naughty tree...oh Hugo hates the naughty tree. It worked though this week we can't stop him from recalling haha.

Another problem caused by Deforestation

Another problem caused by Deforestation

Bucky benefitting from humans

Well Buck has been put on new meds for his Dementia and he is doing so well, he's started to ask for walks again and doesn't seem is also nice to know if I ever go that way this wonder drug is actually a human dementia drug!

Hopefully this benefit will last him sometime and we can enjoy some happy times together. Here is Buck and Shy on their morning tootle to the lime kilns and back along the lane.

Old friend

Whilst on a walk at Beamish we caught with an old friend and a much loved Petnanny dog, Jessica!

Now Jess's Dad was walking where he shouldn't have been as he shouldn't be walking up steep hills etc so we must keep that secret we wouldn't want ot get him into trouble would we?

Ahh it was lovely to have a cuddle of Jess and lovey to her dad looking so well.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Poppy Puppy Superstar!

Poppy and her mum take part in puppy classes with Jenny Adams. I have just found out she has passed with distinction!

This is part of email from Poppy's mum:

'What a clever girl!!. She also won a rosette and dog biscuits for coming first in musical sits, musical lie downs - in fact she won gold or silver in most of the games!! (apart from the recall when she decided she would rather play with the woman holding her for a few minutes before coming to me when I called her (little rat!)'

I am glad to hear she is still the Poppy puppy we know and love so well....

Go Poppy and go Kim it makes it all worthwhile.

Gerron your bike

We managed to sneak out without it raining....for at least one walk!

Today I decided we would take some of the guys out with the bike again, this time two at a time and I am so pleased we did. Jasper missed out after being a complete baggage and attempting to break our reolve to not let him do anything nice until he shuts that gob of his. He clearly couldn't keep it zipped after seeing the bike so he was subjected to a tedious lead walk. Sirus unfortunately has a sore paw so he just had a blast and normal walk along with Suzy,Ben and Sandy who are a little old to be heading off 'on' a bike.

My first pair were the hardest, Murphy the Great Dane and CharlieLab, I was so impressed with both of them they weren't distracted by lampposts etc although Murhpy did his fair share of gooning. It's pretty tough to balance on a bike with a GD gooning about trying to persuade Charlie to do the same, Charlie was being a pillar of society and didn't put a foot wrong.

Next was the super pugs Oscar and Hugo, now it wasn't the best idea to do the steady pugs straight after the long striding pair before them as I felt I was going backwards! That said they have a good strong trot and are very fit so having a good trip out with the bike is no hassle for them. I did chuckle at the reactions from everyone, the first ones were amazement at the size and enthusiasm of Murhpy to the witty jibes about being lazy by wlaking the guys on the bike. Er hello the guys did a good couple of laps each I did about 20!

Now I was already really pleased at all the guys behaviour, turning left when asked and stopping whenever I needed them too, no stopping for pees etc until invited and no fussing when people or dogs walked past. We had lots of dogs swearing blue murder at us as we went past.

Next was Bertie and Beau a matching pair like the superpugs, Beau and Bertie are not fans of not being able to pee themselves around a walk and makes themselves very clear on this fact. Once they had worked out who was the bike dog and who was the curb dog we were off at a brisk trot and they loved striding along . Now these two like to really strutt when they meet dogs and although they never put a foot wrong they like to look the part with pushed out chests and upright tails, it's obviously hard to puff up your chest when you are trotting along so they raised their legs high like horses in a trap..I just about managed to get past upright on the bike laughing at their show.

Bobby and Tallulah seem like an unlikely pair, Bobby being a tall elegant chocolate lab and Tallulah a raggamuffin Border( I know my fault I haven't managed to strip her yet), yet they run very well together. Bobby is an expert when it comes to bike work and he has the most wonderful rythmical pace that never changes which makes it easier for his running partner and despite her small legs she is a true terrier and knuckles down to work when it is required. I hardly felt them in my left hand as they cruised along....ahhhh we have the best guys in the world I am sure.

Montana was paired with the diminuiative Elsie small in stature and huge in attitude, the polar opposite to Montana who is a strapping GSD with the attitude of a delicate chihuahua. As Monty has hip displasia we have taken our time conditioning her before her trot out with the bike and we took our time to match her pace, you can see when they hit their ' travel all day' trot a very efficient movement that is very comfortable and enables them to cover large distances with little effort. Luckily Elsie matched her very well and they looked an attractive pair. In fact we pretty much had matching pairs each time: blacks, fawns, blacks, browns then white!

Here's were our neat pairs went out the window as I took Mickey out for his first ever trip out with the bike...he was remarkebly good although wholeheartedly unimpressed, I think he's more of a move to the next smell kind of boy. He does love his walks though and once he understood the bike was just an unusual walking tool he enjoyed his shortlegged trip, it's our version of gentle fatcamp. Leia then did the same gentle route and I was very suprised at her acceptence of the bike she is a happy confident dog, you just can't presume she will be ok with new things when she is completely blind. We use our voice and pressure when walking her so it wasn't that hard to do the same on the bike, she even tried to have a good canter a couple of times but I have to admit I wasn't confident enough to try it incase I ran her over!!!!

Nanci and Fergus were hilarious, Fergus clearly thought it was a complete hoot and wanted to go everywhere at high speed so we set off at a fair lick, Nanci barely breaking her stride with Fergus's little legs whizzing round like a cartoon dog. His smile was a delight and I will definately have to take him out again he just loved blasting along, who'd have thought a deaf dalmation and a westie would be so much fun?!

Now Harry and Vinnie are a different kettle of fish, very workmanlike and for once they were having to wait for me, no more gently peddling away....up the gears went and it was time for my legs to fly around. Phew! Now this is more like it, Vinnie has a fantastic trot which is fast er than Harry can trot so we set off at a decent canter and their legs matched beautifully. the scenery was missed we were just focussing on running and peddling like good'uns.

To finish I did a very sedate elegant jog with Molly Mc Dolly and Tash it was clear Tash had a definate idea of how to look when travelling next to a bike and Mols matched, tail up, toes pointing and nose pushed haughtily in the air! Needless to say I didn't look the part with my trousers tucked into my socks( yee gods I am embarassed to admit this), sodden hair and somewhat 'glowing' in the face!

What of Sam? Well Sam headed off with the non bike dog and then gave the bike dogs a chance for more wee's etc.

So today everyone gets gold stars for their efforts and Jasper, Maddie and Beau get the dunce hat for their complete lack of effort and too much gob!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Pet Nation

After more than one person asking me if I was the business mentioned on Pet nation I can say no I was not the Petnanny the lady mentioned....why do I know that for certain? Well not only do I not know the dog I can also say the dog wouldn't have just come home tired it would have been trained too!

Can't wait to see the rest of the programme.

Charlie labrador's supersit

I was just sent this message on facebook and had to share, it is lovely to hear our hard work doesn't go unnoticed.

Just wanted to say how impressed I am at your 'sit-stay' training!! Had a little incident tonight where Lucy had brought a mouse in (dead, poor wee thing), and Charlie was VERY interested in it, mmmmm, tasty, you could see it in his eyes!! I put him in dining room, where he can easily open the door in to the kitchen, and said to sit (he did) then stay, thinking he'd barge through in seconds, oh no, he stayed there till I'd picked up, showed David it, checked it was definately past saving, and disposed of it, and he continued staying as I forgot he was there and I started tidying cups into the dishwasher!!! It wasnt till I went to go back through the door and he's sat there looking at me with his baby-browns as if to say 'ok, can I go now', and bless him he didn't budge till I said ok!!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

I pinched this from ...

This is from Tallulah's mum and I just had to share it...

'Stop sometimes.
Question life’s norms.
Who decided that was how things should be done?
And what right had they?

What if they were mistaken?'

Tallulah McFlurry; aka Loolly Mac.

Border Terrier, Female, almost 2 years old. If she spoke, it would be in a soft, Scottish accent.

Shown here with her pal Oscar.

Teddy; aka Humpy Teddy III.
Plush dog toy, eunuch, just under three months old. If it spoke, it would be a trembling ‘no more, please’.

Humpy Teddy III is the third incarnation of Loolly Mac’s favourite toy. Never has a plush toy been violated to such an extent that all limbs have been lost (Humpy Teddy I), or that they have begun to smell of...rot... or something...(Humpy Teddy II)
Each Humpy Teddy that enters this household surrenders itself to the same fate: to literally be loved to death >.<

No other toy, plush or otherwise, arouses the attention of the McFlurry more than this poor, innocent bear. Lions, monsters, ducks and other bears just don’t have the same lure. Never have I known a female hump a toy so ferociously. Never have i known a female dog to hump anything, quite frankly. For a short while, when she was younger, I asked the vet to consider the possibility she was an hermaphrodite. But no, she just just has a lust for life...and medium brown coloured bears.
Am I alone in having an infatuated animal or does each Pet Nanny house have its own version of Humpy Teddy??

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Sam's blog about ome of our five day a week dogs

We do have a few 5 day a week dogs Harry, Suzy, Ben & Sandy, Poppy puppy, Tash, Vinny and Nanci they all have there different quirky ways:

Harry likes to run around his mam's car ( on the drive)in excitement when getting picked up and dropped off he gets so excited he does a bouncey bouncey jump (its not so bouncey on a morning, you can tell he is still half asleep) and he knows that when he gets home his tea is waiting for him. He can let out an excitable bark to try and tell me to hurry up and let him in. Harry is definatly a favorite with the lively dogs and is often forced(by belle) to play "rabbit" and get chased by all the dogs. I don't think he is very impressed when we ask him to sit and wait before he walks to the van, he likes to run!

Suzy and her many nicknames. My fave at the moment is Dizzy Dora, she can be on her own little Suzy planet at times, she's always keen to come out with us even at 12yr old. On her way out the door she likes to have a short divert onto the neighbours drive ( they have their own mini cul de sac)while I'm locking the door! She likes to have her opinon heard or should I say her high pitched yap/squeak and as an older lady she does think she is elite and doesn't have to join in with group sits and training.

Ben and Sandy are pretty new like Suzy, they are two old gents. Sandy is blind and Ben is losing his sight. Ben is always on watch on a morning sitting on the windowsill until he see's me or the van and then he warns Sandy with a loud bark that were going out for the day. They are very noisy on a morning both keen dragging me out the door and Ben can even manage to jump into the van (impressive for an old sausage dog) Next he does his morning check to see who's in the van he likes to stalk Elsie and Pixie. Meanwhile Sandy just sits quietly, Ive come to the conclusion they just love the ride out, like a trip on the bus . . . . . they just don't have a free bus pass yet!!

Poppy puppy the newest addition. Poppy her routine is different with her being young, she is a parky puppy so sometimes her breakfast is left I often wait a while to see if she's interested in then food, then we go out to the garden to see if she may need a wee before going in the van. She is a bit wild in the van, loves to greet the dogs and have a play with the younger ones. Her training is coming on great and just love her super fast recall. Her return home routine is similar to coming out, she gets a chance for wee's in the garden and its more than likey she hasn't ate her dinner I think she prefers it at home al fresco (in the garden).

Tish Tash has been with petnanny so long she regards herself as royalty and aquired the title HRH The Queen Mother, Tash likes to come out and inspect her vehicle similar to Harry she has to do a little trot around the van and the chauffer (me) should carry treats. Tash mostly gets offered to sit in the middle with the experienced dogs and sits at the front to get the best view!

Then we get to Vinny, he is a steady dog to bring out always takes his time to get off the sofa and out into the cold wind, and gets along with most dogs so can go anywhere in van, as long as its big enought for a weimararner. Talking of 'Whine'ramer's Vinny is a whinger, a cryer and a moaner. I've never known a dog like him, he moans when he waits, when he sits, when were at a walk and the loudest whinge has to be on the way home.

Prancie Nanci, for being a deaf dog she's pretty good at hearing me go in to get her and very fast at heading for the door, I feel like a rugby player tackling her from going out so fast we have been practacing her perfect sit on the door step while i lock the door, but sometime the excitement is too much and she darts off towards the van to do her circle of glory telling me to hurry up and let her in. She can be opinionated and has the odd bark at the dogs. On a walk Nanci can be cheeky and if she knows you want her or need to get her attention she won't look at you (this being the only way to get her attention) and on the way home Nanci is like a kid at school, she gets off the school bus, runs to the door and sits on the sofa and watches tv, you do get the feeling . . . "petnanny your dumped", until tomorrow!!!


I have recieved a much awaited email....I ave been looking forward to this email for some time.

It is titled: ' Humpy Teddy'

The cruel thing about it is....the sodding email won't open so we will have to wait to hear all about Humpy Teddy.


Monday, 22 March 2010

Just because...

March is all about hares isn't it....this morning I saw one loping across a stubble field clearly on a mission I couldn't see what he or she was looking at I don't care it was just so nice to see one so clearly. Then whilst walking the guys we disturbed a woodcock in a holly tree, I am always suprised how big they are.

After a week of solid training we noticed a good improvement from the guys, something as simple as a sit is the fundemental thing we teach and rely on. A sit can be a positioning tool, a catching tool, a frustration control, photo opportunity and an emergency stop. As a side affect it also switches the dogs manners on too.

I was impressed with Louie the young lab as he tried really hard, Alfie was rock solid and very pleased with himself. Milliedoodle diabolical so ended up doing the last walk.

It is interesting that we can pop them on their tethering post( any safe strong fence post) and just wait. Once everyone is sat quielty( some may need help) then we take the leads off the post, all still sitting. Next we walk, all the guys dropping into place then we go to out release spot( anywhere we decide to release them). Another sitting opportunity. Once everyone is sitting we then take the leads off, any dogs moving are quietly placed back sometimes relentlessly.

I love the next bit, so do they! We call one dog at a time they come for a tickle and off they go, this we do one by one till the last dog and off they run, sniff and bound over telling us how good they were.

Well I am finding it fairly difficult to concentrate as Keisha is currently playing with her toy from hell, it is playing 'nicknack paddywack give a dog a bone' and 'the wheels on the bus' at the same time, not only is that bad enough its a frog and an elephant who are 'singing' it...argh rescue me. I do have to admit I quite enjoyed the 'nicknack paddy wack give a dog a bone sounds quite good when the dog is barking it!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Hong Kong Fuey

Don't ask me why......

And just because we didn't manage to get a together photo of them when Laura came to photograph them all:

Mickey and Minnie trying out Petnanny

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Do you know what age you dog is?

Here is a fun way to find out your dogs equivelant age ...

So on that basis Buck is about 94 and Shy is about 86!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Please forgive me Sam

This is no indication of who and what you are I just couldn't resist....

All together now,
' I am a teapot short and stout,
here is my handle, oh no where is my spout?'

Photos uploaded

Ive managed to upload the few photos I have managed to take:

Life at the naughty cat home

This is usually what happens at my house, exciting isn't it!

I was a little tempted to put one of me asleep too but refrained, I am not convinced it is a sight you need to see!
Buck has stopped bleeding and is coming out of his bad phase which is a relief. He is still slowly torturing us by getting up twice a night, at least he's no longer wandering in between those two wee spots, phew. Lets hope he doesn't revert back too quickly. Bruces new name for him is Dementia Dick, if you think that is bad you should hear what he calls Tumble!

Simple pleasures

One field
two young dogs
hours of fun

Darcy is a 8month old liver spot dalmation bitch owned and loved by a good friend of mine. Rossi a 7month old bull/whippet/greyhound lurcher. These two had never met and started off fairly tentatively but they are well match in their temperaments and oh how they raced, rough and tumble.

I will never tire of two dogs playing, such a simple pleasure.

This is how it starts

Then they run

They start to grapple

They tumble

They wrestle, Rossi down

Darcy down

And so it carries on....

Thursday, 11 March 2010


Mmmm wonder what you thought this post was going to be about?!

Balls or rather one ball. And one big dog.

We do have lots of ball/ frisbee fetching dogs, we also have dogs who play chase the dogs who are chasing the ball. Occasionally we have dogs who like to pinch the ball from the dogs who fetch balls.

Then we have Murphy.

I won't even try to work out what kind of ball chasing dogs he is. The dogs run, therefore he runs, usually in the same direction. I have never been able to tell if he has actually noticed the ball being thrown.

So today when I was playing with the ball I was quite impresed Murphy appeared to be getting excited when my ball throwing arm was moving, so excited he was jumping head height trying to catch my arm, notice I said catching my arm rather than ball.

The guys were chasing theball when something amazing happened, I pretended to throw the ball, the dogs ran hell for leather in that direction totally oblivious to the fact I actually threw the ball the opposite direction, that is apart from one.

Yup you guessed it, Murphy. Not only did he chase said ball he even picked it up. Then he tried to look at it, whilst it was still in his mouth. When this didnt happen he looked up and saw the dogs running straight for him.......he started to get excited started to run in the direction they were heading obviously thinking they were running after something or maybe even thinking they were going to chase he dropped the ball with phuff and ran.....only the dogs were running to find the ball and once they found it they turned tail and ran to me. Murphy was still running excitedly from the 'advancing pack'and was completely confused when he turned around and found himself in an empty field( or so it seemed from his vantage point).

Now some people would ay Great Danes are thick but I like to think that their enthusiasm overtakes their brain and their legs are some way behind.

Ah well at least he was the only dog to find the ball, maybe I can get him to fetch some time soon.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Fergus has turned out to be a complete treasure, it has taken work of course but what doesn't?! He is a firm favourite with all the dogs and despite loving playing rough he rarely upsets anyone so we are all very sad to hear he is moving out of our area....he will be such a miss not just for us, I know the guys will miss his enthusiastic fun and frolics.

He will be in good hands I am sure as it is likely he will go out walking with Kath, Just 4 Paws. We do have time to spend with him before he goes so we can prepare ouselves!

Today we had two new guys called Mickey and Minnie, shihtzus who are uncle and auntie to Louis the Shih Tzu I used to walk. Minnie was a little worried and found it a little stressful out walking with the quiet uys but her general nosiness meant she couldn't resist saying hi in the end. Mickey was the complete opposite, anxious in the van and chilled on a walk. I am wlaking them during their holidays so we are just doing taster walks until them so they can get used to us and the guys. They become long term customers so we will see how well they are recieved.

All in all we have all enjoyed having less mud under foot and sun on our backs I cant get over how many of our guys have a new love of rolling, just for the fun of it, maybe they have missed rolling most wont roll in the mud although the exceptions to the rule make up for it. Sophie doesn't feel she's had her moneys worth if she comes back the same colour she started with...baggage!

Louie is becoming a big boy and starting to join in with the lads, Poppy is just a rip, you have got to love her joie de vivre, boy she's a toughie. We are going to have so much fun with her, Jasper is quite taken by her and can't quite work out how such a little beastie can give him so much grief....

Well I have to shoot off and do the afternoon walks so will cut this blog short, enjoy the sun and hopefully you will have one of the guys who is enjoying rolling just because they can!

Monday, 8 March 2010

My Fortieth Birthday weekend

Well I am officially shattered!

Friday was spent at home, nothing special with that? Well for me I can say it is a complete delight. Then Bruce and I went for a lovely ride in the sun on the girls oh my idea of heaven, Bruce even had Zaffi opening the gates for me just as well as Ella was bouncing literally.

Then we went to our usual Italians and scoffed, yum.

Saturday was Gokarting day at wardley and what fun we had. Pretty much we all stayed on the track and Bruce came 6th out of 22. Our hands were completely frozen and I am not sure what is worse...them being frozen or them coming back to life. I just wished I had clicked on that I could raise my visor as it was raining and I couldn't see a thing. I am obviously used to travelling in low visability as I did fine for my first ever go.

Saturday night was heading back home to see to Buck and Tumble before heading off with Rossi and Shy in the van with Louis, Alfie and Ernie joining them. I think the three visitors enjoyed the luxury of lots of blankets and a temperature controlled heater.

Once at Potadoodledo we disembarked, fought over the pods and headed for the BBQ hut, what a fantastic set up, room for the dogs to play and run, same for the adults and right next to the beach.

The BBQ hut was so lovely and warm so we nipped out after food whilst my family lit the paper laterns and sent them skyward I did wonder if there would be any UFO sightings in the area that night! The chocolate cake Mark 2( the first one Karen my SIL had forgotten to put sugar in) went down a treat then we headed down to the community room for a good old natter and more wine, whisky and coffee.

The dogs thoroughly enjoyed the field at the site and all slept so well in their very own camper( izzy the van) even Riever the border was quiet.

Once it was time for bed we headed for our pods and obviously didnt use the brains we were provided with as we all balanced less than delicately on the very narrow platforms. Not only that we all woke up gently cooking not realising the heating could be turned down.....this was 3am! I got up and went for a walk taking the guys for a quick widdle then noticed the platforms had extra bits to them to make double beds....argh how dense were we. I certainly wasnt going to set them up at 3am so popped my mattress on the floor and promptly fell asleep as Bruce had found the thermostat, even Autumn admitted to cooking and struggling to balance on the narrow bed.

I was so delighted when Deborahs pod and Pauls pod full of people had also failed to notice the bed extensions or the thermostat for the heaters. One of the best comments of the weekend was over breakfast at the onsite cafe...Deborah piped up that f only she had known she would have just brought her Bikini. Now that would have thrilled the men of the group wouldn't it!

Once fed again we headed for the beach Cocklaw Burn. We had been beaten to the beach by the geoligists that were staying at Potadoodledo, one of which saw me in my jimjam glory walking the dogs in wellies, he was a little better dressed in........
a cravat, smoking jacket and trilby, yee gods he was only in his twenties and I couldnt help but stand looking aghast whilst he was probably doing the same with me with a blue sheep fleece jimjams, le Cheameu wellies, bed hair and two lurchers, a border terrier, two whippets and a griffon bruxellious. Nice!

Once we were all walked we headed to Seahouses and ate......what else fish and chips.

Happy Fortieth!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Portrait update

Well I have been a very busy bee!

One gentleman has commissioned me to do his whole dog family so I have just finished his English springer, next I am doing his Patterdale bitch and finally his Jack Russel who's mum is Pebble the first commission I did for him.

I also struggled my way through a black lab called Wally who had me completely demented. At the same time I was drawing memorial to my uncle, a stain glass window that was commissioned for the local church to celebrate his life. I loved my Uncle Brian and felt it would be a nice suprise for my ever supportive Auntie to have the window at home for her to look at. Both Wally and the Window were very well recieved and after two difficult commissions it was a relief.

I next have wo retrievers called Flynn and Bailey, Flynn is started and coming along nicely they are very pale retrievers so its a nice change from Vivid stained glass colours and flat black. Whilst working on the two retrievers I am ticking the Mull Tup along although yet again I doubt I will have him finished in time for the Ukcps International art competition. Then I have a very spottie spottie to do called Sebastian, this piece was won as a prize for the championship held by the British Appaloosa society.

So as you can see I have been busy, I often wonder if people know what I do when I get home after feeding my guys, seeing to the girls( horses) and eating myself! I simply wouldn't manage without Bruce and onc ethat would have horrified me but not anymore, I need all the help I can get.

I do love the combination of the guys during the day and drawing at night and weekends, although I could build up the drawing to provide a full time it is not something I am aiming to do, not unless it is forced upon me.

I now regularly update my art on facebook on my facebook page, so please feel free to join in:

Caroline Artist Howlett

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Caroline Artist Howlett

Drawing is a lonely pasttime so it would be lovely if you would join me on Facebook, we even have a Petnanny page now.!/pages/CoDurham-and-Derwentside-and-surrounding-areas/Petnanny/57651895422?ref=ts

You will have to become a fan of me first, come on whats stopping you? Samantha is also on....Samantha Nicholson.

Caroline Howlett

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Where's Nanny? Waiting for her to arrive....

Hansom checking out if it is school time

Lola after spotting me, you can't see her furiously wagging tail!