Sunday, 7 February 2010

Weekend catch up

Well I had a lovely day, did you?
Pop and Truffle's family came to visit today so I got stuck in with some house work, you know I may do it a little more often I actually enjoyed it.....Once that was done we headed for lunch meeting up with Lin, Sharon and Chris with Pop and Truf languishing in the car, they were not at all happy I can tell you. Once fed watered and much yakking we headed back to home getting ready to take the guys out.
Buck is now frightened of travelling and it was a bit too wet for his liking so he stayed at home but Shy was ready and waiting for fun with the girls. Now as walks go I have to admit it wasn't the most exciting or most scenic yet the guys didn't seem to care and I dragged everyone up to see the old settlement just at the back of our village and in front of the quarry.
Shy did his usual badger and rabbit run check just incase he missed anything and we luckily didn't have to endure any fresh fox smells. Poppy as usual was very excited Truffle however was a real chatterbox( not just me then) and muttered the whole way round I really think she was a little overwhelmed at walking with Nanny and her family and a new exciting walk.
Once they were all suitably sated we headed home again for chocs and cuppas before heading off to visit the spottie dotties. I had forgotten to warn them the once lovely road is now more like a well used farn track with holes in it deep enough to lose a small elephant. See what happens when you have a flash flood and the road becomes a stream?

As usual the girls ran alongside the van hoping I would bring gifts or more importantly more food despite having a big new round bale of haylage, just as well I brought a treat. I subjected my visitors to some horse feeding then they watched aghast as I scratched Zaffis big spottie butt under her rug...go on admit it we all like to give our dogs a good butt scratch so why not the girls.

To round of the night I sketched an owl before starting my next commission...a funny looking but lovely spaniel.

Happy walking!

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