Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Waldridge Fell

Well I now have time to blog after seeing to Poppy Puppy.

Yesterday we headed off for Waldridge Fell, we don't often meet people yet when we do we notice a range of reactions, often people are intrigued and impressed with the dogs, then we have the people who move on quickly, of course we meet people we know and end up joining us and lastly the people who want to talk.

Needless to say the dogs hate the ones who want to talk or are dare they spoil their enjoyement! As for the people who know us they just love that, it means fun and frolics with their extended friends. The people who move in tend to be people who are worried, what I have come to recognise though is they are rarely frightened of us and our dogs its the reaction of their dog.

Yesterday we had the whole combo! The intrigued people were used to desensitise Montana, the talky people used to teach and remind them patience but the most interesting were undoubtedly the people who know us and the people who avoided us.

I had noticed a black lab come around the corner and realised it was Callie who I used to walk so over she came with her mum and off we wandered, Gypsy her new Lurcher took a little while to realise we were friends and then she became 'rabbit' and she ran and ran even slowing down so Tallulah could keep up! Her new pup a tiny jack russell was swinging from chasing Hugo Pug to sitting in amazement at the sheer size of Mila. It was so nice to see how well they all looked and even better the old friends reaquainting themselves with Callie.

Shortly after meeting Callie the lady with the GSD who had moved off met us at the 'Pass' and was delighted that her big entire boy was mixing quite happily with all and sundry. She went form being worried to delighted that not only had he had fun (and a new love interest, Belle)she had also thoroughly enjoyed seeing him play. Just as we got back we had all the guys on the leads and the gentleman with a lively boxer who had walked the opposite way came up the lane and we moved to let him pass. After a quick chat we started introducing them and once again we had happy dogs and happy owners.

Now thats what I call a successful walk.

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