Sunday, 14 February 2010

A remarkable find

As you all may know I uually have my phone with me at all times but at weekends it's sometimes nice to have a break from my responsibilities. So when I left my phone at home for lunch out with Bruce I was worried to see Holly had rang Bruces phone.

I obviously rang her back hoping it wasn't somegthing serious and she shocked me with her reply

Never would I have guessed what she would have said, not ever.

The conversation went a little like this:

' Hi Holly is everything ok?' said I.
' Yes but Caroline, Vicky was walking at Beamish and she's found a Dinosaur'
'A Dinosaur! A Dinosaur, what makes you think it's a dinosaur?' said I with total shock
now bear in mind I was expecting her to say her car wouldn't start or maybe one of her dogs wasn't well.....not a dinosaur!
Holly then says, cool as you like' Well it's got webbed feet and no beak'
Obviously I thought whilst wiping the tears streaming from my eyes, at this point I could stand it no more I asked Bruce to pull over so I could pass the phone over to him.
No I just wish I could explain fully the disbelief and hilarity on Bruces face as the story was told to him....well I am guessing thats what passed over his face, I have no idea because by now I was howling laughing.
So passing the phone back silently Holly preceeded to say how she'd sent a picture to me so I could Identify it, now bear in mind other than Jurassic park I would have no idea what I was looking at if it truly was a dinosaur. Of course as she described the skeleton my imagination was going wild and I coud now picture Vicky and Holly on the front page of every newspaper as the finders of the first ever Dinosaur found on the surface with some skin left on it.
Holly was still asking me why I was laughing and speech was way past my capabilities so I hung up and waited with baited breath to see said photo.
Well Vickys grizzly find didnt have webbed feet, the skin had merely draped over the remaining toes and it didnt have a beak because sadly I believe it was mammal rather than a dinosaur!
Ah well those headlines may have just been a fantasy, I will definately leave grizzly finds to Holly.

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