Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Mathematical genuis

So we were walking the guys.

Sam looked to me and said 'we are missing some dogs'.

I counted and said 'no they are all there'.

Sam and Cait counted the dogs, twelve and Tallulah. 'See told you there are dogs missing, you brought six, I brought six and Cait had Tallulah that makes fifteen' said Sam.

Urm no that makes thirteen!

I am so pleased Sam looked more than a little embarassed and we had a good laugh especially when Cait piped up that she can't believe Sam had thought there was three dogs missing. They had the cheek to look at me like I was mad when I said fifteen dogs minus thirteen makes two dogs not three!

Sheesh what are they teaching young'uns today I showing my age?

Petnanny is officially 12 years old ( yes not 13 or 11) woohoo.


  1. I thought Petnanny was approaching a much bigger birthday than that!

  2. Mmm annonymous eh?! Are you one of the mathematical genui? Yes I will have you know whilst Petnanny is a mere 12 I am 40 next month. If life begins at 40 what on earth will I be getting up to?

  3. ...listening to Roger Whittaker?

  4. Ahhh I am getting closer....could it be Poppy's dad, come on don't be shy!

  5. Give the lady a rubber bone!

  6. Thankfully I am not as daft as I look. So tell me why you haven't become a follower of my blog when I know you do?!

  7. 12 years? That's 4380 days...maybe! But how many dog years is it??