Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Wow what a difference from Beamish to Chester le Street whilst Chester was cloaked in fog Beamish was ablaze with sunshine, needless to say we headed for Beamish.

Today we worked on the lamppost technique as a coule of the livlier dogs were starting to be a little pushy and winding themselves up, the last thing we want is for them to fight with us instead of working out what behaviour gets them their ultimate goal.

This starts off very simply, Jasp was popped into my van just to confuse im therefore distract him for the screaming habjabs he so loves to throw. Once we got out the guys we wanted to walk we tied them up and waited, after a fair amount of huffing and puffing the first dog tried sitting and soon all were sitting anad calm, great! So off we set and what a lovely walk we had, lively of course with Charlie, Hansom, Lil, Takoda, Bertie and Beau! Takoda only had to be popped on a leader once for barking and all was calmly manic. Everyone enjoyed the spoils of their good behaviour with treats and running. Sams crowd Montana, Suzy, Vinnie, Nanci, Harvey and Ziggy all did the same and I am delighted to say after being told to not run down to their play puddle they restrained themselves, well done guys. Its amazing how effective being as argumentative as a lamppost helps in training haha.

The last walk was certainly more eventful as it was our more, shall we call them adventurous?! In short( poppy puppys poopy time) we had the teenagers, the pups and the hunting guys and after one fluff when five of the dogs went down to the water without permission we hid until they found us popped them on leads and had a great over the top play session with the guys who didnt fluff. Oh that worked so well and we had very attentive guys from then on with only a very silly hyper Lola needing to on and even then only once. Bob and Jack are defintely starting to enjoy coming back to us instead of getting their hunting fix, Lola and Louie are steadily learning the rules, Jasper was very good, Harry and Nero treasures, Milliedood and Archie once reminded decided rules were just fine, Oscar after being poorly from eating a peach stone was another who bucked his ideas up after a huffy leader moment.

Well its time to see to Poppy and Poppy puppy.

Enjoy a little bit of sun if you can.

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