Tuesday, 19 January 2010

More photos etc uploaded.

Proof of the sunshine on Monday

Mouse motorway

Today I had to whizz up to Castleside to check in with the mechanic Bruce used, my new van Izzy had a sticky Clutch and my usual garage said I needed a new clutch at £500. Well it ended up a shrewd move as he found it was just in need of a jiggle and oil so once sorted I whizzed the dogs to the Waskerely Way, can't say it was very scenic as I couldn't see a single thing, I lie I say a tractor with a load of cow muck I remember it well as all the dogs noses twitched in delight at that sensory overload.

It is nice to go different places although we do have to be careful to ensure where we go is safe.

I can honestly say Murphy was high as a kite, nearly literally! He is a tuxedo'd Tigger. Tallulah has worked out he's too tall and cumbersome to be a risk so she loves to wind him up, twisting and turning so he overshoots and has to twist around to see where she has gone.

Yesterday I walked at The beamish memorial walk and it was fantastic to see all the mouse trails now on view that were once a mouse motorway under the snow and ice. I am still daily seeing the local barn owls probably desperatley trying to make up for their lean period.

Everyone was remarkebly calm yesterday which was a little eerie Mondays are usually a little manic! Today they were just excited at a new place to visit I think. It will be nice to catch up with Sam tomorrow all being well.

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